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Xbox: the 10 best action games to try on Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass includes a huge range of titles, with the game list updated every month. Many gamers have signed up for this material archive, but the achievements include some of the most loved and fun action games fans could get their hands on.

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These games may have been huge in their era of release or perhaps an underrated gem that was overlooked at the time, but the action genre is certainly strong in the Xbox Game Pass arena. It’s unclear what might come out in the future, but these games are a prime example of why so many gamers are turning to the Microsoft subscription service.

ten Sea of ​​Thieves (2018)

Sea Of Thieves has the most active month ever

Since he started, Sea of ​​Thieves has continued to expand its fan base with amazingly fun online gameplay and a huge pirate-themed world full of possibilities. With secrets to explore and great combat gameplay (especially at sea), and even the fun of customization, there is so much to do in the title.

Recent DLC updates, including a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover has only brought more attention to the game developed by Rare. Xbox Game Pass is a great place to try Sea of ​​Thieves because this online component is so important and the service gives full and easy access to the swashbuckling experience.

9 Doom 64 (1997)

Player shoots demons in Doom 64

The Loss the franchise is absolutely a fan favorite with many community WADS applied to the Loss titles that enhance the experience. For those who want a classic, nostalgic iteration of the series, the Xbox Game Pass offers Woe 64!

The game works great on next-gen consoles and while of course it looks partly dated, the subscription service is the perfect place to dive into the action-packed gameplay of one of the best titles in the world. ‘id Software, Nightdive Studios, Midway Games, and THQ San Diego. First-person shooter never felt better, although it still doesn’t replace gaming on the original Nintendo 64.


8 For Honor (2016)

A knight fights in all-out war in For Honor

Xbox Game Pass gives gamers the For honor: standard edition to try as part of their service and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Developed by Ubisoft, it offers a lot of unique features, including a basic combat system that is perhaps as underrated as the title in which it is used.

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The third-person action allows audiences to be completely immersed in the chaos of the medieval battlefield they were launched into, as incredible period armies wage war against each other through a gripping single-player campaign. However, it’s the multiplayer mode that really shines here, with factions jumping into the fray on servers that are thankfully still supported.

7 Desperados III (2020)

A train arrives in a town in the west of Desperados 3

Desperados has always been one of the most gripping action games in the Western genre, but its third installment catapults players into a prequel era where they are truly introduced to the main characters for the first time. There is absolutely nothing quite like the stealth-inspired gameplay of Desperados III.

The challenges of the adventure force the player to keep thinking, as the tactical demands of the game really shine. It’s a unique entry in the Xbox Game Pass archives, but Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic’s real-time project takes full advantage of the Unity engine powering its gorgeous visuals.

6 Grounding (2020)

Children Thumb Up To Grounded

Xbox Game Pass currently offers Based from Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios as a preview of the game for some, although that is likely to change over the coming year. Clearly inspired by Honey, I cut the kids down this title is an end to end survival game.

With the protagonist smaller than some insects, the magnificent world created here is as rich in environment as it is terrifying. It might be slower than some other action games, but it’s both a tense and magical experience exploring the great outdoors from a perspective that only video game media can achieve with so much. details.

5 Wreck Festival (2014)

Wreckfest of several cars

For thrill seekers, Wreck Festival is a far cry from the traditional driving title. In fact, it combines the quality mechanics of its traditional genre with the hard-hitting gameplay of an action racer. The result is a derby of chaotic destruction that’s as fun to watch as it is to play.

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Bugbear Entertainment has come up with a title that is simple in its premise, but in fact quite nuanced in its execution. Many games have attempted to achieve a similar dynamic, but Wreck Festival somehow managed to keep this fleeing vehicle from becoming too explosive; it retains where it is needed and unleashes madness when it is necessary. Multiplayer is definitely one to watch on Xbox Game Pass.

4 Sunset Overdrive (2014)

Sunset Overdrive Brand Sony

Insomniac Games may have become a Marvel money generator and there are lessons Insomniac can learn Spider Man. Alongside Xbox Game Studios and Blind Squirrel Games, they forged Sunset Overdrive, one of their most inventive products to date.

The free run and travel mechanics, combined with the vibrant cinematography and wacky fighting style made this action hit stand out among the crowd. It’s still overlooked by some in the community, but Xbox Game Pass offers the chance to return to this city of shooters.

3 Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (2019)

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Ranger Red Yellow Green

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid by nWay Inc. and Animoca Brands didn’t launch with great success, but thanks to consistent updates, it has proven to be a title with a lot of longevity and a game fans are excited about. It’s not the only action game drawn from the fighting genre available on Xbox Game Pass.

Yet it is one of the funniest. Draw characters through the Power rangers franchise, while the campaign is fast-paced and perfect for fans of the series, it’s the online co-op and multiplayer options that sell the title as a whole. Inspirational combinations and impressive final moves reinforce a simple and easy-to-learn game system.

2 Neon Abyss (2020)

Neon Abyss Bar

With Veewo Games as developer and Team17 and Yooreka Studio as publishers, Neon Abyss was on a winning combination. The concept is intriguing, with the player being part of Team Hades, hunting down and battling a new pantheon of deities.

It’s the boss fights that shine because of this premise, although the side-scrolling action is a demonstration that the classic video game formula can still perform incredibly well on next-gen consoles. It is a graphic tapestry of luminous sequences; one that offers new puzzles and obstacles for those who know the genre.

1 Guacamelée! 2 (2018)

The continuation of the good received Guacamelee !, the second installment builds on the rich world-building that has already taken place, allowing a narrative to develop new lore into myth, combined with exciting new powers and skills to use in battle.

Another side-scroller, this time hugely inspired by both Lucha Libre’s movements and visual designs, Guacamelée! 2 looks like a party title in every way. Drinkbox Studios may have focused on a campaign, but the platform game’s cooperative option allows Xbox Game Pass to boast a story that everyone can get involved in.

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