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Xbox PC Game Pass Review

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  • Xbox PC Game Pass lets you play over 100 PC games on demand for just $10 a month.
  • My friends recently convinced me to subscribe and I’ve already accumulated more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • It’s worth the price if you’re a PC gamer, especially if you like any of the service’s libraries.

I spend most of my nights playing games with friends online on my PC. Usually Steam is my service of choice, but after a lot of persuading, I finally added Xbox Game Pass to my growing list of subscriptions.

If you’re unfamiliar with Xbox PC Game Pass, here’s how it works: For $10 a month, you get instant access to over 100 PC games through the Xbox PC app, which is free to download on Windows. It’s a rotating library of games, so periodically some titles leave, while others replace them. There’s a wide variety to choose from, including platformers, shooters, sims, and RPGs.

What I love about Xbox PC Game Pass

sarah play nuclear throne side by side on pc using xbox game pass

“Nuclear Throne” is an indie game from the Game Pass library that I love, and dozens of hours of gameplay.

Sarah Saril/Initiate

Xbox PC Game Pass clearly has value for me, a regular PC gamer. For just $10 a month, I get unlimited access to old and new favorites, from “Lumines” to “Two Point Hospital.” I’ve already racked up over 50 hours of gameplay in just one month of use, which is more time than I’ve spent on much more expensive individual video games.

Some really enjoyable titles that I would never have paid for individually, I now discover as part of my subscription. It takes the risk out of trying new games, because they don’t cost me extra money to play.

Another great thing is that my friends and I can all play co-op games online together since we all now have Xbox Game Pass. Gone are the days when one of us couldn’t afford the game – now everyone has access to it for the same price. “Sea of ​​Thieves”, “Gang Beasts”, and “It Takes Two” have joined our regular rotation of games to play as a team.

sarah on katamari menu using xbox game pass

Some games are simply better with a controller, like “Katamari Damacy: Reroll”.

Sarah Saril/Initiate

I also really appreciate the added flexibility of Xbox Game Pass on PC, as I can choose to play with a controller plugged in or my keyboard and mouse. Some games, like “Katamari Reroll” just aren’t as fun without a controller, but other games I just can’t play without the precision of a mouse.

What I don’t like about Xbox PC Game Pass

nuclear throne store page via xbox app with 20% off game subscription

If I want to buy the game permanently, Game Pass gives me a 20% discount.

Sarah Saril/Initiate

My main gripe with the service is that games I really enjoy often leave the Game Pass library. It’s sad to see titles go, especially when I’ve spent hours and hours of progress on it. If I’m desperate enough, I can still buy them with a Game Pass discount through the Xbox app, at least.

(It’s also totally possible to not like anything about PC Game Pass. I recommend browsing through the available titles before committing monthly, because if you’re not at least interested in some games, it’s not worth the money. worth buying.)

Xbox PC Game Pass vs. Game Pass Ultimate

xbox game library sccreencap

Sarah Saril/Initiate

Xbox PC Game Pass is more than enough for me, but if you’re an Xbox console owner, you might want to consider Game Pass Ultimate for an extra $5 a month.

Game Pass Ultimate has everything PC Game Pass does and more, including a library of over 100 additional games for Xbox consoles, Xbox Live Gold for online gaming on Xbox devices, cloud gaming on console and additional perks like in-game add-ons. For just $5 more per month than Xbox PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also extends the usefulness of the service to mobile devices via



My suggestion is to try the PC version at $10 a month first. before you commit $15 per month to receive all the benefits of the service.

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