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Xbox Game Pass the Gunk game gets new 4K gameplay trailer

The upcoming Xbox Game Pass The Gunk game gets an awesome new gameplay trailer that shows more of the game.

The New 4k Gunk Gameplay Trailer

Earlier today, Gamescom 2021’s Xbox stream featured several new video game trailers that gamers could see. One of the games revealed on the Xbox stream was dirt, a game developed by Thunderful, the creators of SteamWorld series.

dirt was previously announced last year in July 2020 for release on Xbox Game Pass and other Xbox platforms. The first trailer revealed the main character Rani as she encountered the titular grime on a mysterious alien planet. The new trailer shows more gameplay and the game’s release window is in December and it will release on day one on Xbox Game Pass.


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The new gameplay trailer for dirt on Xbox highlights the progress developer Thunderful has made since last year. The trailer shows Rani traveling to the alien planet and discovering the mysterious “filth” on the planet in a dense jungle. It shows the area covered with the mysterious substance as it transforms the flora and fauna of the planet into monstrous versions of themselves.

The trailer features gameplay of Rani using her electric glove to suck the grime around her as she talks with her partner Becks. In doing so, arid places return to their original natural state, visually contrasting the appearance of the planet before and after the grime is gone. The trailer shows more locations, including alien ruins and tall active structures. It also gives an overview of several enemies that players will face in the game.

Subsequently, an article from Xbox was published which provided more details on dirt from Thunderful’s game director Ulf Hartelius. In the post, Hartelius said dirt uses Unreal Engine 4, mainly because it provides new graphical tools for developers to use in game development. With this, Thunderful was able to add their own technology to help bring the titular grime to life.

Hartelius said Thunderful’s goal from the start was to give grime a life of its own, to make it a compelling visual presence in the game. He said after partnering with Microsoft, the developers wanted do something different from 2D SteamWorld series and went with dirt as Thunderful’s first 3D project. It will be a story-based sci-fi game that uses Smart Delivery for support on all Xbox platforms.

According to the post, Xbox One gamers can expect “a stable 30fps experience” when playing the game. Gamers with the Xbox Series X / S or a high-end PC will be able to experience the art. and the visuals of dirt with a “smooth gaming experience at 60 fps with resolution up to 4K”.

dirt will be released in December 2021 for PC, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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