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Xbox Game Pass subscribers should check out Planet Coaster

Life simulation games encompass a wide variety of subgenres which generally rely on management and build-based gameplay. Construction simulations gained popularity in the 90s, with notable titles like SimCity, and have gained popularity again recently, as more and more players are drawn to more simplistic and retro-style games. Recently added to Xbox Game Pass, Underside of planet gives gamers the chance to enjoy a more refined take on ’90s classics like Creator of roller coaster.


Underside of planet has been compared to that of 2016 Parkitect, which also replicates the style and gameplay of Creator of roller coaster. Not all gamers like management and building sims, because while other games offer high octane action, building sims are slow games with dedication rewarded. However, with the success of games like Animal crossing and a host of other simulation games, it is clear that there is a large audience that connects with the allure of these types of games. As such, it’s always good to check out new games in the genre, and Underside of planet being on Xbox Game Pass makes it even more convenient.

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Planet Coaster: Spiritual Successor of Rollercoaster Tycoon

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The development team behind Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments, had previously worked on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and were candid about how Underside of planet is a spiritual successor to this game. Underside of planet was even originally titled “Coaster Park Tycoon” during development, further emphasizing the connection between these games. Frontier Developments also has a lot of additional experience in creating simulation games, such as Zoo Tycoon and Thrillville.

One of the key elements of Roller coaster creator what made it successful was the depth of the world players could create and populate, from creating roller coasters to watching park visitors. The console version of Underside of planet recreates this experience with the capabilities of the current generation. Because Underside of planet is so readily available that the game offers players unfamiliar with the genre an easy and fun introduction to sim building.

Planet Coaster gameplay

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The simulation genre is generally associated with relaxing gameplay, although some are faster. Underside of planet features several different modes that play at different speeds, including challenge, sandbox, and career mode. For those more concerned with destruction, the game also had a dedicated crash mode that allows players to purposefully pitch their roller coasters against park guests. In addition to building roller coasters, players will also manage park facilities and hire staff to gain a park rating. Underside of planet retains the same colorful visual design as Creator of roller coaster, with fun and unique park visitors and mascots scattered around the world.

One of Planet Coaster’s the biggest benefit is the huge amount of DLC content available for the game. For players who enjoy the fun of designing and running unique parks, there is the option of sharing parks through a feature called Global Village. Like many games in the genre, there are also a ton of cheat codes that players can use to personalize their experience. There are admittedly more of these cheats available on the PC version, but console gamers can have fun as well.

Furthermore, Underside of planet is a game well suited for Xbox Game Pass, since gamers can check it out without making an inherent dedicated investment. The console version of the game also makes it easier for players to view their parks on larger screens, making it fun to show off the park’s creations to friends or family.

Planet Coaster: console version released in November 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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