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Xbox Game Pass has approximately 21 million subscribers

Xbox Game Pass currently has around 21 million subscribers, not 30 million as it was said before.

The $ 70 games are all great (well, not always), but the battle for console makers now and in the future seems to be the strength of their subscription services. Xbox is leading the way in this regard right now because there is no better video game subscription deal than Game Pass. Monthly fees for hundreds of games, including some pretty big titles right out of the box.

Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick recently said Game Pass has around 30 million subscribers. In fact, he told it straight to Xbox’s Phil Spencer while they were both on a podcast together. Spencer has neither confirmed nor denied the number, simply saying that the latest official figure was 18 million.

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It would be an incredibly impressive leap if it were true, but according to the industry inside Jeff Grubb, it isn’t. “Zelnick picked a number in the air. If it was 30 million for Game Pass, they would have said so, ”Grubb tweeted. Grubb added that the official number is slightly less than 23 million, but Xbox is now unwilling to report it as it is much lower than the 30 million figure released globally.


Grubb also stated on Grubbsnax that Game Pass had somewhere in the region of 21 million subscribers at the time of E3 this year, so 23 million to close the last quarter makes perfect sense. A slight increase from June and a fairly large jump from 18 million, the latest official figure. It would have taken a small miracle for its subscriber base to grow by nine million subscribers in the space of a quarter.

Game Pass is probably far from over when it comes to growth. People continue to grab the X Series and S Series consoles, and the service will only add bigger titles over time. Once again this week, Marvel’s Avengers, including all free DLC released for the game so far, is free to all subscribers. Halo Infinite will be available on Game Pass when it launches later this year, as will Starfield when it arrives in 2022.

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