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Xbox Game Pass Edge of Eternity Explanation

edge of eternity originally entered early access on PC in 2018 and was officially released on PC last year. Next month, the JRPG will finally be released on console, and that’s good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as the game will be a day-one addition to the service. edge of eternity is a game created with a deep love for the JRPG genre, and as such, fans will find much to enjoy in this game. The console version is set to receive all current and future updates and fixes from the PC version, and for any Xbox Game Pass subscriber who loves games like the trigger of a stopwatch or Final Fantasy, the day one release is particularly exciting news.


While edge of eternity is definitely a love letter to JRPGs, it was actually developed by a French studio, Midgar Studio (named after the city of Final Fantasy 7). Reviews for the PC version of the game were mostly positive, although some players found the story to be unremarkable and a bit cliched. However, longtime JRPG fans might be familiar with melodramatic and sometimes surreal storytelling. Many of the game’s reviews praised its story and attractive design. Ultimately, edge of eternity is an ambitious game that aims to modernize the experience of a classic JRPG, and Xbox Game Pass is giving subscribers a chance to check out how well that attempt turned out for themselves.

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Edge of Eternity: development and gameplay

As mentioned, edge of eternity was developed by Midgar Studio and crowdfunding for the game began in 2013 via Kickstarter. The love for classic JRPGs is evident in the name of the studio and the music for edge of eternity was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Cedric Menendez. Mitsuda is well known for his work in JRPGs, including The trigger of a stopwatch, which helps the atmosphere of the game feel more authentic to early JRPGs. While some players have been disappointed with the depth of the world that can be explored in edge of eternity, the majority of reviewers praised the level of detail in the game’s captivating aesthetic.

The fights in edge of eternity is turn-based, again adding to the old-school JRPG vibe of the game. However, battles in the game take place on a hexagonal grid, so players can also strategically place their characters during fights . Finally, the turn-based system also uses an ATB (Active Time Battle) gauge, so Final Fantasy players should be primarily familiar with the gameplay.

The rest of the gameplay follows all the typical JRPG tropes, and in general edge of eternity has relatively simple gameplay mechanics that, while traditional to JRPGs, don’t necessarily add anything new either. During development, Midgar Studio made it clear that they wanted to consider player feedback and ideas. As such, the ambitious indie studio crafted this game with an obvious love for the genre, and many of the game’s limitations are likely to be down to a much smaller developer team than some big-name RPGs. It should be noted that the combat has been updated and polished by the development team since its early access.

The Edge of Eternity Story

A big part of the appeal of JRPGs is the huge, fantastical worlds that players can explore. edge of eternity takes place in Hyrone, which has been under attack from the Archelites for decades. The technologically advanced Archelites have also created a virus known as Corrosion, which turns people into vicious monsters. While Hyrone managed to keep the corrosion at bay, no cure was found.

On the edge of eternity The story follows Daryon and Selene on a quest to find a cure for corrosion, as their mother has contracted the disease. Daryon is a soldier disillusioned by the war with the Archelites, and Selene is a priestess at the Sanctorium. Daryon and Selene encounter a number of allies along the way who can join their party. Players are also accompanied by Nekaroo, an adorable giant cat that can carry the characters on its back and sniff out secret treasure and other important items.

edge of eternity may not revolutionize JRPG-style games, but it’s a thoughtful attempt to modernize the genre. Initial reviews were somewhat split when it came to the gameplay, and the narrative might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, fans of old-school JRPGs will certainly appreciate the dedication to the genre in this game, and again Xbox Game Pass offers a particularly great opportunity for subscribers to experience the game at no additional cost.

edge of eternity is available now on PC and will be released on February 10, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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