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Xbox Game Pass confirms new Day One game for April 2022

Ahead of a full Xbox Game Pass games reveal for April 2022, another day one title is slated to release shortly after MLB The Show 22.


It’s no secret that Xbox Game Pass is the best subscription service in games, turning in a large handful of games every month. Xbox Game Pass is also losing games every month, but those who have been waiting to play it have been warned. All in all, with many games coming in March, it’s always easy to anticipate.

After all, Xbox Game Pass has a ton of games confirmed for release in 2022. Along with a bunch of indie and third-party titles, fans can expect to see games like red fall and star field the first day of Xbox Game Pass. While that might be a long way off, more and more reveals tend to roll out every couple of weeks, and one of the free Xbox Game Pass titles for April 2022 has been revealed.


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On April 7, Chinatown Detective Agency will join Game Pass on Xbox and PC on day one, as announced in a press release. It will also be available on Steam and Switch. It is a point and click adventure game set in a cyberpunk Singapore in the year 2037. Players will take on the role of a former police bureau, Amira Darma as she begins her PI career in the Singapore Chinatown. His cases around the world eventually set up a huge conspiracy, with players traveling the world after mysteries and criminals.

Gameplay wise, players will need to know outside/real-world knowledge to solve the puzzles in the game, with real trivia sometimes featured in the game. It also includes things like code breaking which means that players may need to research in the real world to play. Chinatown Detective Agencytruly capturing the player in the spirit of Darma.

In Chinatown Detective Agency, players will have to use two main resources: time and money. These will play important roles, along with the choices made by the player. All in all, it looks like quite an interesting game. Indie games have been known to push support, and Xbox Game Pass has no shortage of indies for gamers to try. On April 7, they will have one more.

Of course, that’s just one game revealed for the next month. Subscribers also know that MLB The Show 22 joins Xbox Game Pass, on consoles and in the cloud, on April 5. And at the end of March, it is certain that other games will be announced for the first weeks of April.

Chinatown Detective Agency launches on Game pass April 7.

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Source: Press release (via PureXbox)

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