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Xbox Game Pass adds four more games today

Microsoft’s popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service for PC and Xbox consoles is receiving an update that adds four new titles to the lineup.

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that of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass the service regularly receives new titles, the last batch having been added on Thursday 23 September. Microsoft has updated Xbox Game Pass with four new games that subscribers can try out, with three of the games available on all Xbox Game Pass platforms and one that’s exclusive to PC gamers at the moment.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now try Lost words: beyond the page, Sable, and Subnautica: below zero on PC, console and cloud, as well as Tainted Grail: Conquest on PC. Microsoft is announcing new Xbox Game Pass games ahead of time, so subscribers already knew those titles were coming, but it’s still good to see them added to the service. None of the games also have an announced discontinuation date for Xbox Game Pass, so those interested don’t necessarily have to rush out to check them out.

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Of all the new Xbox Game Pass games, arguably the two most notable are Sablebecause it is an Xbox Game Pass game from the first day. Sable is an open world game with a unique art style that has received relatively positive reviews so far, and well worth a visit for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who don’t even have to pay extra to play.

New Xbox Game Pass Games List

Sand, protag looking at a tower in the desert

  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page (PC / Console / Cloud)

  • Sand (PC / Console / Cloud)

  • Subnautica: below zero (PC / Console / Cloud)

  • Corrupted Grail: Conquest (PC)

The other new Xbox Game Pass games may also be worth checking out. Lost words: beyond the page is a puzzle / platform that should appeal to fans of the genre, while Subnautica: below zero is a survival game and the well-received sequel to the critically acclaimed game Subnautic. Tainted Grail: Conquest, meanwhile, is a roguelike deck-building game that received overwhelmingly positive reviews at the time of its original release.

These aren’t the last Xbox Game Pass games coming in September. September 28, the turn-based first-person shooter Lemnis Gate Coming to Xbox Game Pass as Day One Game, then on September 30, Classic-Style JRPG Astria Ascendant also hits the service as a day one version.

While there are plenty of new games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to check out this month, it’s worth pointing out that some titles will be leaving the service as well. There are a handful of Xbox Game Pass games releasing in September, with one of the most notable titles on the way out being the award-winning indie adventure game. Night in the woods.

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