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Who All Needs a COVID Travel Pass in Kerala? Here’s how to apply

Thiruvananthapuram: In good news, as of today, COVID-related restrictions have been relaxed in Kerala following the decline in coronavirus cases in the state. Many people in the country have started planning their trips as the country slowly moves towards normalcy.Read also – Acche Din? International flights to and from India likely to return to pre-Covid times

So, according to the latest guidelines issued by Kerala Police Director General (DGP) Lokanath Behera, as reported by ANI, commuters will be allowed unrestricted travel in areas where the COVID test positivity rate ( TPR) is less than 8%. Also Read – Karnataka on high alert after norovirus outbreak in Kerala

Director General of Police (DGP) Lokanath Behera said: “A pass is not required to travel to and from places where restrictions are relaxed (where the TPR is below 8%) and where a lockdown is partial exists. But passengers must carry the completed self-affidavit. Also Read – Planning to Visit New Zealand? Check out the latest Covid guidelines

So who all needs a Kerala travel pass?

Even if you do not need an e-Pass to travel to Kerala, a police pass is required for those traveling from these two categories to places where a full lockdown exists in relation to medical needs, weddings, funerals, construction activities and industrial activities. Needs. A police pass will also be required to travel from existing lockdown locations to the area where partial lockdown is enforced and restrictions are lifted.

Here’s how to apply

  • Depending on the directives issued, the laissez-passer can be obtained from the relevant police station by preparing the request on white paper with the required documents.
  • The request must include the full address, including the name and neighborhood number of the destination, travel requirements, name and address of the person traveling, cell phone number and vehicle number.

In areas with enhanced triple locking (where the TPR is over 30%), travel will be permitted inside and outside the premises for examinations, medical purposes and funeral ceremonies. Police asked commuters to bring proper ID, room ticket and medical records.

Kerala reported 13,270 new cases of Covid-19 and 147 related deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total infected so far to 27,614,474 and deaths to 11,655 respectively.

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