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What is the IATA Travel Pass and why travelers need it

Having a negative RT-PCR report and your vaccination certificate might not be enough if you want to travel abroad. According to the latest reports, travelers will also need to present an IATA (International Air Transport Association) travel pass as verified proof of vaccination to travel. Read on to find out why you need an IATA pass for international travel.

What is an IATA transport ticket?

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The IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app that helps travelers store and manage all of their verified health certificates and other documents for COVID-19 in one place. It is a digital passport that helps authorities confirm the authenticity of the RT-PCR test, vaccination, and all the important information they need about the traveling passenger.

It is also useful for passengers as it provides them with all the accurate and verified information about test centers, COVID-19 travel information for their next trip or any other major airline issues. Plus, it’s a simple and secure system for storing and transferring your documents at the front door when traveling to a foreign country.

IATA partner airlines

IndiGo is the first Indian airline to partner with IATA and launch a Travel Pass pilot project. A statement released by the airline said, “It’s safer and more efficient than the current paper-based processes used to manage healthcare requirements. This is important given the potentially huge scale of vaccine testing or verification that will need to be managed in a secure manner. “

Other major airlines that have partnered with IATA are SpiceJet, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Swiss Air, and Thai Air.

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Ronojoy Dutta, CEO of IndiGo, told PTI: “Today, most countries have protocols in place for travelers around the world, and this IATA Travel Pass will simplify and digitize the passenger information required for the respective countries. “

The aviation authorities believe that this initiative will help the resumption of international air travel and provide a hassle-free experience for travelers. And, more importantly, it will track down all the fake RT-PCR tests and forged documents.

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