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Vietnam Airlines is testing a travel pass

HANOI, September 7, 2021: Vietnam Airlines is testing the IATA Travel Pass on flights departing from Hanoi with 18 passengers on each flight playing a role in the pilot project, the Vietnamese news agency reported.

The International Air Transport Association Travel Pass has been tested by various airlines since May.

The travel pass integrates cutting-edge digital solutions such as contactless air travel, biometric data and online health certificates with Covid-19 test results and proof of vaccination. Simpler, verification digitizes the process and is more passenger-friendly than having to obtain paper certification from the authorities.

With a quick and simple procedure, the pass is expected to facilitate safe and easy travel between countries and reduce one of the main problems for passengers resuming international travel.

After a test on a flight to Europe last week, Vietnam Airlines will continue the pilot project on flights from Hanoi to Seoul on September 12; in London on September 21, then on flights to Tokyo.

If the testing process works without a hitch, the electronic health passport will be presented to the Vietnamese government to consider officially recognizing the Travel Pass to speed up the resumption of international flights.

(Source: VNA)

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