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Universal Travel Pass reduces congestion at counters

In addition to essential service personnel, the state government has also introduced the Electronic Rail Pass (Universal Travel Pass) system for citizens who have been fully immunized and completed 14 days.

At the start of this service, the number of pass holders who completed the vaccination check process at the station on Friday had decreased to some extent. Due to which the crowd at the counters also seemed to decrease.

Starting August 15, those who have completed 14 days since their second vaccination will receive a one-month local pass at all Central and Western Railway stations. The state government’s electronic pass system for local trains also kicked off on Friday.

Citizens receive a monthly pass after registering the electronic pass received after registering on the website provided by the state government on their mobile. They must present it at the ticket office at the station.

According to the Central Railway, 14,688 passes were sold on August 12 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1,033 passes were issued from Dombivali station, 888 passes from Kalyan station and 661 passes from Thane station. Likewise, on August 13, 12,323 passes were sold during the same period. 945 passes were issued from Dombivali, 764 from Kalyan and 545 from Thane station.

The Western Railway also sold 4,755 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. passes on August 12, including 496 Borivali Station passes and 323 Bhayander Station passes. While 3,830 passes were issued on August 13 during the same period. 433 passes were issued from Borivali and 276 passes from Bhayander.

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