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Two games fall on Game Pass, including the arrival of the Danganronpa series on Xbox

We knew a game was dropping on Game Pass today – the hack-and-slashy Nobody Saves the World (Console, Cloud and PC) from Guacamelee developers Drinkbox Studios – but we had no idea there were. would have a second. And not just any old time, as this is the Xbox arc of the perennial PlayStation exclusive, Danganronpa.

Today sees the launch of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition (Console and PC), and hopefully this signals the arrival of the rest of the series.

Let’s start with Nobody Saves the World, because it’s a game that deserves the spotlight. At first glance, this is a classic Zelda-style action adventure. You travel the world looking for dungeons to clear, swinging your sword. But what makes Nobody Saves the World unique is its shape-shifting ability, letting you change into a rat, horse, warrior, or dragon among many others. Each has their own set of moves and progression track, so you can upgrade them to become super-powered versions of themselves.

We’ve put dozens of hours into this ourselves, and we’ve got a rave review ready to go very soon. Pick it up and play it if you get the chance: it’s as fun and deep as a ball pit.

For many, the highlight will be Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition. This is a special edition of the PlayStation hit, which arrived long ago in the PS4 era. If you’ve never played it before, it’s strange to describe: you are Makoto Naegi, one of many children enrolled in an incredibly secretive school overseen by a malevolent bear called Monokuma. A member of your class is murdered, and through a combination of investigation and interrogation, you frame one of your classmates for the crime in what can only be described as a combination of game show and Russian roulette. Yes, it’s very, very Japanese.

For those who have played it before, this hosts a gallery where players can view and replay character events, dialogue, and sprites. There’s also an Ultimate Gallery that features promotional artwork and character sheets from the game’s original art book. A notice is coming.

There’s more to come in January too. January 20 Game Pass gives us Pupperazzi (Console and PC), Windjammers 2 (Console and PC), Rainbow Six Mining (Console and PC), Rainbow Six Siege (Console and PC) and The Hitman Trilogy (Console and PC).

So enjoy the glow of Xbox receiving a PlayStation exclusive and let us know what you think of both games in the comments and on social media.

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