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Try ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ on Xbox Game Pass today? What you should know

By September 30, 2021Game pass

Today, Marvel’s Avengers is making the jump to Xbox Game Pass now that its one-year contract with Sony has expired, opening the game to a new collection of players who may have spent it so far.

I maintain that there are a lot of good things about Avengers and definitely worth playing for free. Since I’ve been around 300 hours of gaming in the last year or so, I have a few notes on what you’ll experience that you should know upon entering.

The countryside – The base Avengers campaign is surprisingly good. It’s not very long, maybe 6-8 hours depending on how much you explore, but it chronicles Kamala’s journey while still allowing you to play with all of the original team members, Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor. Don’t expect the rest of the game to be like this, as you won’t really get many scripted campaign missions like this anymore. You can, however, replay the campaign later with any hero if you wish, which was added after launch.

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye campaigns – These are the first two characters added to the game that arrive with their own little stories much shorter than the base campaign, perhaps only 90 minutes to two hours. You don’t need to have a certain level to play them because you will start with Kate or Clint at level 1 and go from there.

Wakanda Extension – The same is true for the big Wakanda expansion, where you don’t need to be a specific level to take it on. You don’t even have to do the Kate or Clint campaigns first. You will receive Black Panther at level 1 and you can upgrade it from there as you play. Even though this expansion is larger than the last two, with Wakanda being an entirely new area, it is not much longer. Overall, Crystal Dynamics says you should get 20-25 hours on campaign content. And the three things, the Kate, Clint, and Black Panther campaigns, are all free.

Character level 50 – I will say that each character’s true potential doesn’t really unlock until you can access their full move kit. Things will improve around level 20-25, but a character at max 50 with access to all abilities will be the most fun. And frankly, they are all fun if you ask me. It might seem like a good grade to hit but it goes pretty fast and the game also does quad XP for a month from today so it should be really easy to level up most of the characters so you don’t feel late.

Gear Score 150 – Gearscore is… another story. The maximum is 150, but be aware that you shouldn’t waste resources upgrading anything until you hit gear that drops to 130. This will increase to 140, then your major artifact will give you another 10 powers. to hit 150. There isn’t really a great way to get a Gear Score, as it will just take some time to complete various activities. Hives can be the best. Setting your difficulty higher to have +5 or +10 enemies above your potency will result in higher drops to help you go faster.

Combat passes – The way the battle is played out in Avengers is that every character has one. You can buy them for each character and the good news is that they never expire. The bad news is that you can only level them up through Daily and Weekly Challenges. They contain cosmetics for each hero that are not needed, and the best skins like those from the MCU will be sold directly in the microtransaction store.

These are, in a way, the “basics”. I don’t see the need to start delving into really ultra-deep endgame stuff at this point, given that a lot of people are just going to start. The campaign will be enough to tide you over for a while, what if you want to get by after that? Well, you can, and that’s a whole different thing. Curious to see what everyone thinks, given how contemptuous many have been towards the game so far. But now that it’s free on Game Pass? It can change some tunes.

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