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Travel to Moonglow Bay with Game Pass and play anywhere on Xbox One and PC

We knew Bunnyhug Games and Coatsink were on to something unique when Moonglow Bay was unveiled in March 2021. With a trip to Moonglow Bay on Xbox, PC, Play Anywhere, and Xbox Game Pass, we finally have the chance to experience this slice of life-fishing excursion.

Trying to keep a small fishing business afloat, the town of Moonglow is a town that promises a lot, from talking to the locals, to fishing trips, to selling your possessions and uncovering the secrets of mystical monsters. from Moonglow. .

Available to purchase and download now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC, Moonglow Bay is an instant visual delight. With a glorious voxel art style, it’s a game that takes us to 1980s Canada as we have the opportunity to prove ourselves in the world of angling.

Fishing is the real star and with over 100 species to land, and various techniques and skills required to do so, how you spend your time in Moonglow Bay is completely up to you.

Stay tuned for our full review of how Moonglow Bay is playing out on Xbox Series X | S in the coming days. For now, you can join in on the action yourself by visiting the Xbox Store and downloading. If you don’t have a Game Pass, expect to pay £ 20.99 for it.

With free Xbox Game Pass Love as standard, Xbox Play Anywhere support meaning you can pick up and play on console and PC, and a wonderfully created experience that’s waiting to be enjoyed, we don’t really know. how can anyone ignore the Moonglow draw.

Description of the game:

Moonglow Bay is set along the east coast of Canada in the 1980s and offers players a diverse and emotional story, complemented by a relaxing and slice of life fishing RPG. You play as a novice fisherman, struggling to make your partner’s last wish come true by keeping a business afloat in the face of impending bankruptcy. Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend at a local walk-in co-op, you’ll need to cook your catch of the day, then sell a variety of recipes to upgrade your shop, gear, and fishing boat. Combining a playful voxel art style with a lavish soundtrack, your journey is split into several distinct story arcs featuring a fully inhabited town to traverse and the potential for epic encounters with rumors of mystical Moonglow monsters. With your journal and cane in hand, explore the far reaches of the ocean, from glacial glaciers to boiling geysers, and learn to cast nets, set traps and ice fish, documenting over 100 diverse aquatic species while discovering the secrets of Moonglow Bay.

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  • Travel to Moonglow Bay with Game Pass and play anywhere on Xbox One and PC
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