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Travel is a chore for Malaysians

Lately, I have noticed numerous complaints in the newspapers about the Immigration Department’s handling of MyTravelPass requests needed to leave the country. I am one of those affected.

As a retiree and permanent resident of Great Britain, I can leave the country without the ticket; However, my wife, who is my dependent, had to apply, which she did on September 3rd. At the time of writing this letter, we have not received a response from the Immigration Department.

The ministry’s website says people leaving the country as students and workers in their destination country do not need the pass, as do their dependents. Which brings me to the question: why are the dependents of holders of a long-term residence permit not part of this exempt group? The same basis and reasoning should be applied in cases like ours. My wife is my only caregiver and is therefore an important part of my travels given our age. Also, given that the Covid-19 vaccination is now in full swing, why can’t these restrictions be lifted for fully vaccinated travelers as long as they have the right to enter the destination country?

I hope that the immigration officials in Putrajaya will heed these suggestions and communicate clearly and directly to the airlines operating in the country, otherwise there will be a lot of angry people who will not only have to undergo vigorous tests which cost money, but also unnecessary heartaches.


George town

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