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Three new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today

Microsoft has announced the next roster of games coming to Xbox Game Pass over the next two weeks, three of which are available today. Available now on console, PC and Cloud are Gorogoa, olija and The pedestrian.

A beautifully hand drawn title illustrated by winner Jason Roberts Gorogoa is an “elegant evolution of the puzzle genre”. Players are presented with images in a two-by-two grid. Players can explore the scenes in each image by panning or zooming out or manipulating the grid layout by stacking or moving the images, unlocking secrets, and advancing to new areas. If you are a fan of puzzle games, Gorogoa is definitely a must.

Olija is a side-scrolling fantasy adventure about Faraday’s Quest. A man is shipwrecked and trapped in the mysterious land of Terraphage. Armed only with a legendary harpoon, he must find a way to escape this hostile land.

The third and final game available today is The pedestrian, a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle and platformer game. Although it has been available on PC since 2020 and PlayStation since 2021, it is finally making its Xbox debut today as a Game Pass launch title. The pedestrian is another wonderful game with a very clever concept. You navigate a modern world by browsing the public signs inside.

All three games are available today through Xbox Game Pass, with more titles coming soon. Also arriving on Xbox Game Pass this month is Embr, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Outer Wilds, Spelunky 2 and The Anacrouse. This is in addition to the other two games that will go live later this month, Windbreaker 2 and Pupperazzi.

The year has just started and the Xbox Game Pass is already proving its worth. As it was reported, the total value of Xbox Game Pass in 2021 was around $ 6,300, making it incredible value. Will Microsoft surpass that this year?

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