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There’s no point in waiting for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ to hit Xbox Game Pass, it seems

Even before its release, it seemed likely that Cyberpunk 2077 was heading for Xbox Game Pass at some point. He had a marketing deal with Xbox, used the “Smart Delivery” brand to talk about his free next-gen upgrades, and there were rumors he might even launch on Game Pass.

It didn’t, and then the conversation turned. Then it became the idea that the ‘troubled’ Cyberpunk 2077 would come to Game Pass as a way to grow its player base, and as we head into year two of the game’s release, that still has. been a common theory. This week, Cyberpunk 2077 was featured in an Xbox video that got many people thinking that it might be added to Game Pass in 2022.

Well no.

This latest round of speculation ultimately brought in the CDPR itself. here is Radek Grabowski, global public relations director for CDPR pulling down this long-held idea:

So no plans for Xbox Game Pass, and I’m not too surprised to hear that. CDPR has previously said it’s interested in Cyberpunk 2077’s “long-term” sales, and “sales” and “Xbox Game Pass” don’t really go together. The idea is either that Microsoft pays you enough to make up for lost sales of the game being “free” there, or that you have some other revenue-generating mechanism in place to make money with the feature there- stockings, DLC or microtransactions. At the moment, Cyberpunk 2077 has neither.

Cyberpunk is gearing up for the game’s next-gen launch in Q1 2022. As such, it’s going to want to try and sell actual copies of the game when that happens, so a Game Pass feature doesn’t make a ton of sense. My theory some time ago was that the alone the moment I could see Cyberpunk switch to Game Pass was when they finally had a paid expansion that people could buy in addition to the base game. This is supposed to happen in 2022, but we don’t have a fixed release window yet. And even then, it doesn’t look like Game Pass is likely, given this new statement.

So the crowd waiting to pick up Cyberpunk 2077 when it “inevitably” hits Game Pass might consider putting it on sale now, where we recently saw it between $ 10 and $ 25. Keep in mind that this next-gen console purchase comes with a free upgrade to the next-gen version of the game, and on Xbox this will be done using Smart Delivery. That said, I can wait to play it until the next gen version is released, as it will likely make a better first impression if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Overall, I think you’re going to start to see a move away from major third-party games being released or added in droves to Xbox Game Pass as it increasingly becomes a platform for the great Xbox originals. Destiny 2 and all of its expansions are going, Outriders has complained about lost sales due to launching there. And now, it looks like Cyberpunk isn’t entering that territory at all. Not to speak badly of Game Pass, which remains a lot, but I see it as sort of a trend lately.

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