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The October 2021 Game Pass range features 4 Blood, Riftbreaker

A Machamp zombie roars and jazzes up in Back 4 Blood on Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.

No, he’s not an undead Machamp. It’s a non-zombie of Back 4 Blood, the future shooter.
Screenshot: Turtle Rock

Back 4 Blood might make headlines for October’s first bundle of Game Pass offers, but unfortunately several great games, like roguelike Scourgebearer– leave, and they or they will not have the chance to come back for blood. Is it something? No? Alright, alright, alright, whatever, here’s everything to come to Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks:

October 7

  • Face (Cloud, console, PC)
  • The procession to Calvary (Cloud, console, PC)

12 october

  • Back 4 Blood (Cloud, console, PC)
  • Destiny 2: Beyond the Light (PC)

October 14

  • Ring of Pain (Cloud, console, PC)
  • The fault breaker (Cloud, Console but next-gen only, PC)

October 15

  • The good life (Cloud, console, PC)

It’s a good batch of games. In August, when Back 4 Blood was in open beta, I teamed up with KotakuIt’s Zack Zweizen to play. cooperative mode. During this time, I have long had my eye on The fault breaker, which is basically a bingo board with some cool crap: giant robots, interdimensional travel, and basic RTS building elements.

Still, some of the upcoming departures hurt. The following games will be unplayable from October 15:

  • Gonner2 (Cloud, console, PC)
  • Heave Ho (PC)
  • Katana Zero (Cloud, console, PC)
  • Scourgebearer (Cloud, console, PC)
  • Tales of Vesperia HD (Console, PC)
  • Ditto’s swords (PC)

Yes the Tales the series recently received a much anticipated entry in the last month Tales of the Ascension, but I have long maintained that Tales of Vesperia is remarkable, and happy about the Game Pass (almost a year ago to date). Of course, if you haven’t started yet, you won’t be able to finish before she leaves, at least without neglecting other life commitments like getting moving and sleeping.

Katana Zero just simple rules: a side scrolling action game with some time manipulation features that let you slow down the action as if you are in the matrix. It’s deliciously cyberpunk. Killer soundtrack, too. You can beat that one before it’s gone.

And then there is Scourgebearer, a relentlessly punishing roguelike who embraces the zipped dashes of Celestial with high risk and high reward fights. I have been playing intermittently since falling on Game Pass Last year, and haven’t beaten him yet. And now Game Pass made the choice for me, the consignment Scourgebearer lie forever in the graveyard of my backwardness, burning with the perpetually ablaze flame of a relationship that ended before its time.

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