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The My50 transport ticket will replace the My30 from January 1, 2022

The government has announced that the My30 unlimited transport ticket, which was introduced by the government as part of Penjana’s economic recovery plan in June 2020, will end on December 31. It will be replaced by the old My50 unlimited transport ticket from 1 January. Next year.

“The promotion period for My30 ends on December 31, 2021 and it will be replaced by a monthly RM 50 pass which was announced by the Minister of Finance in the 2022 budget on October 29,” the Minister of Transport said. Datuk Wee Ka Siong in a statement.

Offered exclusively to Malaysians, the My50 travel pass offers unlimited rides on all public transport services operated by Prasarana, namely LRT, MRT, BRT, monorail and Rapid KL bus services as well as Jom Naik MRT shuttles. The RM50 Travel Pass offers 30 consecutive days of unlimited travel.

Wee added that the My50 travel pass is also available in Penang for unlimited use of the Rapid Penang bus service under the Pas Mutiara label. “For Penang, the pass will be called the My50 Mutiara Pass and it can be used on the Rapid Penang bus service,” he said.

He added that although the My30 travel pass ends on December 31, those who purchase the travel pass and Mutiara pass on that day can continue to use the pass until January 30, 2022 before upgrading to the My50 pass. .

He said the government allocated a grant of RM 115 million to cover the costs incurred by Prasarana in providing world-class public transport. Before Covid-19, Prasarana handled up to 1.1 million passengers on its network daily, but that figure fell during the pandemic.

“Overall in 2021, based on data collected up to December 24, the number of passengers using Prasarana transport services averaged 462,246 passengers per day. Of these, rail services accounted for 324,517 passengers, while bus services – including the Rapid KL, Rapid Penang and Rapid Kuantan networks – averaged 137,729 users per day, ”he said.

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