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The Fast Track to PC Game Pass challenge will start on May 6

PC Game Pass has teamed up with the BWT Alpine team to launch a special challenge for racing fans to earn up to six months of PC Game Pass before the first Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Fast Track to PC Game Pass Challenge will run May 6-8 during Race Weekend. QR codes will be placed on the BWT Alpine Team A522 race cars (driven by Fernando Alonso and Estaban Ocon) throughout the event, which viewers of the various race-related events throughout the weekend end will be able to scan with their mobile devices for a chance to win. Those interested can find out more by following the BWT Alpine team on Instagram.

The challenge begins Friday with practice sessions for the Miami Grand Prix, where one lucky participant will win a month of PC Game Pass. During Saturday’s qualifying session, viewers can scan a QR code for a chance to win 3 months of PC Game Pass, and during Sunday’s Grand Prix, a 6-month PC Game Pass subscription will be up for grabs. for those quick enough to catch a winning QR code. . PC Game Pass offers over 100 high-quality PC game titles for subscribers to install and play, representing a wide range of game genres and types.

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  • The Fast Track to PC Game Pass challenge will start on May 6
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