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Rainbow Six Extraction Comes to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Another game is coming to Xbox Game Pass this month and it’s a big game. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft’s cooperative tactical FPS, is slated for release this month and has just been announced as a launch title. of Xbox Game Pass.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on January 20 and when it does, anyone who is an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass member will be able to download and play it for free.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a Rainbow Six Siege spin-off, building on the tactical elements of the game and applying it to a new team-based PvE experience. The game features highly replayable multiplayer missions in which squads of operators travel to different containment zones across the United States to take down a growing alien threat.

As a multiplayer-centric game, Ubisoft offers a Buddy Pass that allows those who purchase the game to invite up to two other people to join them in the action for 14 days. However, since the Ubisoft + version of the game didn’t provide a Buddy Pass token, I don’t think the Xbox Game Pass version will either.

The announcement comes as Ubisoft and Microsoft also revealed a new partnership that will bring Ubisoft + to Xbox. Ubisoft + is Ubisoft’s own game subscription service, providing access to the publisher’s game library. Ubisoft + was previously only available on PC or devices via the cloud.

Rainbow Six Siege will also be added to Xbox Game Pass on January 20 for those looking for a more competitive tactical PvP experience.

With Rainbow Six Extraction, relying on other players in the game to debut on Xbox Game Pass is a great way to ensure a strong multiplayer community at launch. We’ve seen this work for other budget multiplayer games, whether they’re coming to PS Plus, Games with Gold, or Xbox Game Pass. Since this is not a completely free experience, it is a wonderful secondary option. And again, the Xbox Game Pass is already proving its worth.

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