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QR code-based “Universal Travel Pass” is required to travel on the local train from Mumbai; Register now

Mumbai people play a vital role in inexpensive travel for Mumbaikars. Recently, several people were fined for traveling on fake tickets. On average, 20 cases of questionable / suspicious identification per day were detected. In an effort to limit the use of fake tickets and passes, the Maharashtra government led by Uddhav Thackeray has discussed the introduction of a universal travel pass with a QR code for people who wish to travel within local trains from Mumbai. According to the Mumbai civic body BMC, the state government and Indian railways are working on the five tier strategy to travel using a card that works using a QR code. .

The new “Universal Travel Pass” will provide residents of Mumbai and surrounding areas with a hassle-free travel experience on the Mumbai metro, local commuter trains and monorail. Notably, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed, local train services in Mumbai are operational for essential and emergency workers, who travel with an ID card.

The new system will help the BMC keep track of people traveling on local trains depending on the level of restrictions imposed. For example, a person with a Degree 3 pass will only be allowed to travel if the restrictions in effect are level 1, 2 or 3. Then, if a commuter has a Degree 2 pass, they will be able to travel if the restriction level is 1 or 2. Likewise, if an individual has a Degree 5 title, he can access local trains regardless of the level of restrictions.

To get the pass, people must register online through the Maharashtra Department of Disaster Management and Relief and Rehabilitation website – The process of issuing the universal transport ticket has already started.

Under the new ticketing system, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area (MMR) commuters must verify their passes through a smartphone or QR code reader. Those traveling without a valid QR code will be fined Rs. 500 on site. While those traveling with fake ID will be turned over to the railway police.

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