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PS Now cards withdrawn from sale fuel rumors of Xbox Game Pass rivals

Physical PS Now cards have reportedly been withdrawn from sale in the UK and US, possibly in preparation for the alleged Xbox Game Pass competitor.

Rumors about the merger of playstation now and PlayStation Plus in a new service to match Xbox Game Pass may be true, based on new reports suggesting Sony is asking stores to remove PS Now subscription cards from sale. PS Now is PlayStation’s branded streaming service, which even allows PC users to play compatible PlayStation games on their system.

Sony’s PS Now is comparable to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s arguably outdone on several fronts, the biggest of which is Microsoft’s day one support for its service. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play select Xbox Game Studios titles on launch day at no additional cost, including games like Infinite Halo and Forza Horizon 5. There are also third-party developers and independent studios that have day-one launches on Xbox Game Pass, such as Riders in 2021. Xbox Game Pass is expected to get a huge boost in late 2022 when star field arrives on the service.


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As reported by VentureBeat, some UK stores urged to remove PS Now cards from sale by end of month, with reporter Jason Schreier noting that the same thing happened in US stores. Although no official reason has yet been given by Sony, the move is said to be linked to rumors that the company is developing a competitor to the Xbox Game Pass, which will include games from earlier PlayStation systems as part of a premium tier. . This service, known internally as PlayStation Spartacus, would combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a single subscription, along with an influx of PS4 games.

See the Twitter post here.

If the PlayStation Spartacus rumors are true, it makes sense that Sony would want to stop selling PS Now subscription cards. One of the big questions about PlayStation Spartacus is the cost, especially for existing PS Plus/PS Now subscribers. Merged services may extend current subscriptions, depending on price. At the time of writing, PS Now cards are still available through digital storefronts.

With 2022 now underway, it’s likely that Sony will soon be hosting an event to showcase game releases for the year. Reports of PS Now cards being retired, coupled with recent reports of Sony patenting PS5 backwards compatibility methods, add credence to the PlayStation Spartacus rumours. If PS Now cards are retired soon, Sony might finally be ready to announce the PlayStation competitor to Xbox Game Pass.

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Source: VentureBeat, Jason Schreier/Twitter

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