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Play Halo Infinite now with Xbox Game Pass, available on Xbox and PC

The sequel to the legendary Halo game series is now available on all Microsoft gaming platforms. Called Halo Infinite, the new edition of the series with more than 20 years of heritage bills itself as “the most open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet”. Why? The new Halo Infinite comes with an open world map that is larger than anything seen in previous iterations of Halo.

Of course, the game retains its classic gameplay, including a storyline built around first-person shooter combat. Halo Infinite comes complete with iconic vehicles from the series, as well as armor, weapons, and cosmetic items. In short, Halo Infinite is the most elaborate game the series has seen to date.

Interestingly, it is also the most accessible. Microsoft launched Halo Infinite on Xbox Series S and Series X, Xbox One consoles, and PCs. Those interested can get their hands on the game through the Microsoft Store, the Steam gaming platform, and Xbox Game Pass memberships.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also be able to get a bit more with the game. This includes the “Pass Tense” weapon skin, challenge trades, and 2XP boosts. Regular Xbox Game Pass members can get free multiplayer and the full Halo Infinite campaign right away.

As good news for those already participating in the free multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite, which debuted on November 15, the game will keep players on their journey. This means that their progress in the game will continue in the official launch and will be reflected in the final version of the game.

To make sure the game’s launch lived up to the hype, Xbox also participated in some unique activities to celebrate the debut of Halo Infinite and Halo’s 20-year history. The company, in collaboration with 343 Industries, has released “Halo Infinite: Memory Agent” – a six-part audio storytelling series available exclusively on Spotify. The series depicts the story of a lone secret agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence whose mission is to relay critical information to the Master Chief.

Additionally, Team Halo partnered with Hoonigan to build an actual 1,000-horsepower warthog, inspired by the game’s iconic vehicle. He even collaborated with famed artist Iva Troj on a painting titled “Master Piece,” which was unveiled at the Saatchi Gallery in London to celebrate the launch. The painting shows the Master Chief, the main character of the game, locked in a battle with his alien enemy.

Other activities that helped boost the launch’s hype included two crystal collectibles featuring Swarovski as well as an augmented reality-based Halo Pelican demo at a recent Oregon Ducks football game.

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