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Soon, an all-route pass at only Rs 500?

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The goal is to eliminate the hassle of purchasing separate tickets at connecting stations.

Bombay: A pass has been offered which allows commuters to travel on the Western, Central and Harbor lines for Rs 500 per month, albeit in second class. The fare proposal, which was made by the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC), also suggests that monthly first class passes for all routes should cost Rs 1,500.

Railway officials said they proposed this fare structure keeping in mind that the commuter does not have a fixed office and must take the train on two or more lines.

Senior MRVC officials made a presentation to members of the Railway Commission in November. Although nothing has been finalized yet, officials believe the tariff restructuring is feasible. One official said: “This is a very practical suggestion and a lot of people are going to adopt it because it is very practical and could even lead to a slight increase in our ticketing revenue.”

The MRVC was created exclusively to deal with the problems of Mumbai’s suburban railroad, where the passenger density is massive.

The official explained that the proposal on all routes was suggested to eliminate the hassle of getting off at connecting stations like Kurla or Dadar and buying a separate ticket after the railways shut down the extension system. He said: “Earlier, if you had a pass from Kalyan to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) but had to go to Andheri one day, you would have an extension from Dadar. But now you are asked to pay the full amount. He further added, “And the physical effort of going and taking a separate ticket when you’re in a rush is also cumbersome.”

MRVC Managing Director Prabhat Sahai said, “The proposal has been made to the board, but we have not yet heard from whether it is being considered.”

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The innovators: a virtual train pass that allows you to get the best price even after the trip | Entrepreneurs

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BBuying a train ticket in Great Britain can be a nerve-racking experience. Getting the best price available for a train trip, while facing long queues to see a seller, can test even the most sturdy patience.

In the coming months, commuters in Greater Anglia will be offered a new service that aims to simplify train travel and charge users the best price, avoiding the often Byzantine fares of train travel.

MultiPass is an application that finds the best rate for the day or the week, depending on how the user has traveled previously. Commuters must register on the app after arriving at the station. The app then works like a virtual pass, recording journeys, with data used to determine the best fare. A trial involving 100 people last year is now extended to a full operating system from May with the aim of replacing paper tickets.

Alexander Peschkoff, one of the three co-founders, said there was frustrating complexity regarding the type of tickets purchased from a machine at a station – understanding what time was considered full or slack the inability to change the ticket once you have purchased it.

“The idea was to recreate something similar to the ticket office experience where you walk into the ticket office and say ‘I’m going to Manchester’ [and they say] ‘When will you come back? Tomorrow? Here is your ticket. ‘ Done, ”he said.

The MultiPass system works similarly to the London Oyster Card, where the cheapest fare is calculated for all journeys made in one day. When the user enters a station, a beacon registers his presence via the application and he enters his destination. A barcode ticket is issued to the phone to show to an inspector.

The actual price of the tickets used is only settled at the end of the week, giving the best possible price on the basis of the outward and return journeys, and also takes into account whether a weekly subscription would reduce the users’ bill.

“If you buy a single but your plans change and you have to go back, you have to buy another,” Peschkoff said. “With MultiPass, we offer you a virtual ticket, a flexible ticket. It is stored in the cloud and is only settled on weekends. If you travel more during the week, we will cancel the original ticket and replace it with a more suitable and better version of the ticket.

Buying tickets from vending machines does not guarantee the best price. Photograph: NewsCast

“If you wake up on a Monday morning and decide to go to Cambridge and buy a one-way ticket, with MultiPass you always buy a one-way ticket, you get a one-way ticket, you go to Cambridge and then you come back. We’re saying we’ve already charged you £ 19.90 for a one-way ticket, but the return is £ 24, so we’ll only charge you for the return fare, ”says Peschkoff.

If customers make the round trip to Cambridge every day, then by Thursday they will have racked up four round trip tickets in the cloud. MultiPass will therefore cancel them all and replace them with a cheaper seven-day subscription.

“Then we tell you that you can travel for free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because you bought the ticket,” adds Peschkoff.

This can allow users to take advantage of tickets they may not have been aware of, according to Peschkoff, who said three-quarters of people bought their tickets at the station.

Many travelers were unaware, he said, that round-trip tickets were valid for 30 days after purchase. The majority of people who would benefit from buying a weekly ticket do not buy them because of the cost. “People don’t realize it,” he said.

A first test took place in 24 stations between London Liverpool Street and Cambridge with 100 customers. The Greater Anglia rail network, operated by Abellio, will be equipped with beacons by May and the MultiPass system will then be deployed, route by route. The first routes to go online will be London-Cambridge, followed by lines to Southend and Norwich. All routes will be completed by the end of the year, Peschkoff said.

How MultiPass works.
How MultiPass works. Photography: Abellio Greater Anglia

Another pilot project is planned for the north of England, most likely between Sheffield, Doncaster and York. The aim of MultiPass is to become a nationwide ticketing system, eventually used on contactless payment cards in the same way as adopted by the London Underground. Navigating the complex network that is the UK rail network – and its 24 operators – is a huge challenge, however, with the only slight relief being that some companies operate multiple rail franchises. “It’s wizarding,” Peschkoff said.

There has been some resistance from operators who benefit from customers buying tickets at a higher price, he said, and there is a complex bureaucracy of getting multiple approvals and clearances from each operator. .

The company earns money by taking a commission from operators on tickets sold, while consumers no longer pay for their journeys. So far £ 2million has been invested in the business and it has received £ 1.1million from Innovate in the UK, the government agency that supports the funding of research and technological development. He also developed a secure wearable device.

Peschkoff said tackling the UK’s complex rail and ticketing system would give them a better basis for international expansion. “Once we’ve cracked the UK, the rest is simple.”

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Get a Free Metrolink Train Pass – Orange County Register

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How would you like to get a Metrolink a day pass to take the train on a weekday anywhere in Orange County, just for taking a two-minute OCTA poll?

Seriously, that’s all you have to do. I just did it and it was super easy.

Personally, I plan to use my pass to take the train to San Clemente beach, or maybe to visit the mission in San Juan Capistrano.

You can also take the train to Angel Stadium in Anaheim and avoid all the traffic clutter. Or go to cute little Old town orange and shop at antique shops or visit Chapman University.

Important note: Those OCTA passes are for travel on Metrolink trains in OC only. You cannot use them on an Amtrak train, like the Coaster trains that go between Los Angeles and San Diego. So make sure you watch the Orange County Metrolink Line Schedule when you decide where to use them.

Metrolink prices vary by station, but if you’ve taken the train from Anaheim to San Clemente, for example, a one-way ticket costs $ 9 or $ 18 round trip.

This is a limited offer, so best get it now before they run out of passes to hand out.

Click here to take the Metrolink survey to get the free pass

Click here to use a rate calculator and see how much you would save

You can only get one free pass with this offer. They will mail it to you. You can use it this summer from July 5, 2011.

And thank you to bargain seeker Jacqueline Menkel for letting me know!


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