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On the Resident Evil Village store page, an Xbox Game Pass tag appears

Is Resident Evil Village on its way to Xbox Game Pass? The Resident Evil Village store listing, at least in Poland, momentarily had an “Xbox Game Pass” badge, according to Polish website XGP. The tag was later removed, but not before a screenshot was taken by the website.

XGP also spotted a similar tag for Mass Effect Legendary Edition last year, before the title hit Game Pass about six weeks later. If this same scenario were to occur for Village, it would occur around May 9, a year and two days after Resident Evil Village launched in 2021.

At the time, Village was on sale for 50% off, with a small tag below the discount, indicating that the game is included with Xbox Game Pass. Again, this tag has now been removed, so it could be a brief error. However, Resident Evil Village has been out for almost a year, so there’s a chance it’ll hit the library after a year on the market.

For now, that’s just speculation, but it could happen, given the beacon’s brief appearance on the Xbox Store. Oh, and Resident Evil 7 has been in Xbox Game Pass for years now, so Capcom has a habit of putting RE on Game Pass. What do you think ? Is Village Game Pass linked? Let us know your thoughts below.

Summary of news:

  • On the Resident Evil Village store page, an Xbox Game Pass tag appears
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