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New Xbox Game Pass games for January 2022 are perfect for platform fans

After a remarkably solid year 2021, Xbox Game Pass kicks off the new year with another awesome selection added to the service. In particular, it’s already clear from this month’s free games that EA Play’s link with Game Pass remains strong. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available through Game Pass and includes remastered versions of the three originals Mass Effect games and all their DLC. As such, the list of potential games that we might see on the service in the future just keeps growing.


Another important addition to Xbox Game Pass is Outdoor savages, and so service subscribers can finally check out the hype surrounding this game. One of the main advantages of game subscription services is not only access to AAA titles, but also the ability to explore d ‘other types of games from different developers. The January games for Game Pass have a particularly interesting selection for platform fans, with a mix of styles and genres that emphasize the range of platform games. Three of January’s Game Pass games should be on the radar of every platform fan and will likely appeal to any gamer who enjoys the challenge and simplicity of platforms.

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Caving 2

Spelunky 2 game

Continuation of the years 2008 Caving, Caving 2 follows Ana, who travels to the moon to find her missing parents, one of whom is the main character in the first game. As you can imagine, the gameplay of this 2D platformer revolves around caving / exploring. caves. Like a roguelike game, die in Caving 2 will send Ana back to the start of the cave system. First released in 2020, Caving 2 was praised for its huge improvements over the first game and for its addictive and fun gameplay loop. This sequel also introduces various new monsters, traps, and a multiplayer mode.

The pedestrian

the pedestrian

The pedestrian is a unique platform game that aims to present enjoyable puzzle challenges to solve. The game consists of various signs that can be manipulated to allow the playable ‘pedestrian’ character to pass through them. The principle is easy to grasp, and while the concept is straightforward, there is a certain degree of sophistication in the puzzles presented along the way in The pedestrian. Obviously, some interest in puzzle solving is required to really enjoy this game, but other than that it’s pretty easy for anyone to give it a try. The pedestrian is a well-designed and accessible platform game, which has a unique shape and awesome look.


olija xbox game pass

For something completely different, platform fans can choose olija for a more traditional platform game experience, complemented by a highly pixelated art style. The player takes control of Lord Faraday, who attempts to leave the hostile land of Terraphage after being wrecked there.

Great care has been taken to that of olija style and gameplay, which makes overall a very satisfying game. The game initially released in January 2021 and received positive reviews based on its art style and overall mood. Familiarity with old school platforms is definitely a plus when choosing this game, but it provides a nice and elegant glimpse into the creative possibilities of platforms, just like the three other platforms that Game Pass added this month.

One of the biggest benefits of Xbox Game Pass is the wide variety of genres and styles of play it offers each month. While this allows players to choose based on what they prefer the most, it also gives players the opportunity to experience different games that they might not otherwise have. While platform fans should definitely check out the titles that Game Pass offers, players who are less familiar with the style still have plenty of opportunities to find the game worth exploring for a different genre.

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