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New PlayStation subscription service ready to challenge Xbox Game Pass, Digital News

It was only a matter of timing and proper strategy, but the stage is set for PlayStation to jump into subscription gaming and rival the Xbox.

Sources familiar with Sony’s plans have shared with Bloomberg that such a subscription service, named Spartacus, will provide access to both new and old games in the PlayStation ecosystem.

For a monthly subscription, users will likely be able to use this new PlayStation service on PS4 and PS5, and will see the merging of the current subscriptions that are part of the ecosystem.

This means that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be combined into one service, with documents suggesting that PlayStation Now is the one getting the start, in terms of branding.

The service should be launched in three levels. The former will include the current benefits of PlayStation Plus, the latter will include that with a large collection of PS4 and possibly PS5 games.

The third tier will bring additional value with extensive demos, game streaming, and access to classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and even PSP games.

This will certainly appeal to PlayStation fans, and the same sources have also shared that Sony is leaning even more carefully into cloud gaming. This will see Sony and PlayStation supporting not only Xbox Game Pass, but Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service as well.

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