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Mumbai Local Train Pass: To Travel From Sunday, Buy Monthly Rail Pass From Today | Bombay News

By August 11, 2021September 30th, 2021Train pass
MUMBAI: Before local trains reopened for fully vaccinated people on August 15, the state government established SOPs that only allow them to issue monthly seasonal passes. Round trip tickets or longer passes will not be issued.
Additionally, while the portal for a QR code pass is still in the works, offline verification desks will be installed at 109 MMR stations starting August 11. Among them, 358 meters will be installed in 53 stations within the limits of Mumbai.

These counters will be operational from 7 am to 11 pm every day, and will be managed by local communities. According to the BMC, citizens who have completed 14 days after the second dose should carry a hard copy of the final vaccination certificate and original photo ID (preferably an Aadhaar card) for verification, along with a photocopy of the identity document.
Once the assistance service has verified the vaccination status, it will stamp the vaccination certificate and the photocopy of the identity document. These must be provided when purchasing a monthly pass at the reservations desk. “Travelers must carry all three documents – monthly pass, stamped vaccination certificate and copy of a photo ID while traveling,” an official said.
“This offline process of issuing monthly seasonal passes will continue every seven days of the week until further notice and citizens therefore do not need to rush to stations,” said the commissioner of BMC. , Iqbal Singh Chahal. “The government is starting trains because of the difficulties faced by the working class in getting to their place of work. The idea of ​​only giving out monthly passes is to discourage people who wish to undertake unnecessary trips,” he said. said a senior official.
There are almost 24 lakhs of MMR that are fully vaccinated as of Monday, but less than 20 lakhs would have completed 14 days to be eligible for the trip. In addition, many of them are healthcare workers and frontline workers who are already traveling.
“There will be a monthly state review of the number of cases reported since the start of service and a periodic decision to continue issuing monthly passes will be made based on the Covid-19 situation,” said a senior official. The online portal that is set up and linked to CoWin for verification will take a few extra days to be operational.
Officials said the SoP was only intended for the general public. Other categories that are already allowed to board local trains, such as healthcare workers, government staff and frontline workers, can continue to travel according to procedure, using their ID cards, and can also get tickets daily.
The government expects all passengers entering railway premises to be screened for relevant documents at least until August 31, after which police can move on to random checks. Checks outside the station will be carried out by state police and government railway police and at railway premises by railway personnel. “Help from the local police will be requested for a few days until the process is streamlined,” an official said.
(With contributions from Manthan K Mehta)

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