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More ways for New Zealand citizens to get a COVID-19 pass now

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has given citizens more options to obtain their COVID-19 passes.

In a press release, the government noted the “unprecedented” request for assistance in generating My Vaccine Pass, the country’s official record of COVID-19 vaccination status, which can currently be obtained online or by mail. So far, it has issued two million passes to more than half of those fully vaccinated.

Given the huge volume of requests, “we have increased the capacity of our call center to help customers wishing to set up their My COVID record, verify their NHI number or generate their My Vaccine Pass,” said Michael Dreyer, group manager for National Digital. Services to the Ministry of Health. Three call centers are now operating with extended hours, he added.

Over the next few days, citizens will also be able to go to their neighborhood pharmacy to request their My Vaccine Pass. According to Dreyer, about 400 pharmacies that vaccinate people will also help them get their vaccination passes.


Earlier this month, the Department of Health awarded a contract to an Auckland-based IT service provider MATTR to develop vaccination cards for national and international use. Both passes can be stored in a QR code that can be printed or downloaded to smartphones.

Under the new COVID-19 protection framework, citizens are required to present proof of vaccination to access places in the country. Later this week, the New Zealand government will launch the new “traffic light” framework, which represents the next phase in its handling of COVID-19. “The framework brings us a world where we are freer to move and live with less disruption and provides the stability businesses need to plan for the future,” he said.

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