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Microsoft explains why Xbox Game Pass for PC was renamed

Microsoft recently changed the name of its PC Game Pass service from “Xbox Game Pass for PC” to simply “PC Game Pass,” and the company finally explained why. In an interview with ROG Global, Microsoft’s Jason Beaumont noted that calling it “Xbox Game Pass for PC” confused some members of the public who thought they would need an Xbox. This has never been the case, and the new naming convention should clarify this, according to Beaumont. Plus, Microsoft already called it “PC Game Pass” internally, which made the transition easier.

“We were hearing a lot of gamers say, ‘Look, people don’t understand that Game Pass has PC games…’ People thought they needed an Xbox, Beaumont said. But that’s not the case. “We had this user confusion, so it was like, just change the name. Make it simple. So it’s PC Game Pass,” Beaumont said. In other news, Xbox Game Pass is adding a big group of great games to kick off the new year, including Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Gorogoa, and Spelunky 2 this month alone. 8 cool Xbox Game Pass games you probably haven’t checked out.

“It’s the same catalog of games. It’s always a sign when everyone calls something internally by one name, but externally you call it by a different name. So internally we were always like, ‘PC Game Pass’, and then finally someone said, ‘Why don’t we just call it that?’ Said Beaumont. Microsoft officially announced the name change with a whimsical sketch at The Game Awards, which you can watch again above.

On January 6, Game Pass will add Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on console and PC. It’s also the day the game comes to EA Play for those who subscribe to that service individually. Additionally, January 6 marks the launch of fire-focused multiplayer game Embr (console, PC, cloud), while popular action-adventure game Outer Wilds (console, PC, cloud) also arrives on this day. . January 13 will see the launch of roguelike Spelunky 2 (console, PC), as well as four-player first-person shooter The Anacrusis (console, PC), which is a day-one release and will initially be available in Game Preview.

As mentioned, this is likely only the first half of Game Pass titles for January, as Microsoft typically announces a second wave later in any given month. A slew of games are also leaving Game Pass on January 15, including Kingdom Hearts III and Desperados III, among others. For an overview of what the service has to offer, you can check out our guide to every game on Xbox Game Pass, the best Xbox Game Pass games, and the best Xbox Series X games to play right now.

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