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Marvel’s Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week

Xbox Game Pass is the subscription service that keeps giving. After surprising us with 13 more titles, Microsoft today dropped another unexpected announcement: Crystal Dynamics Marvel Avengers will arrive on Xbox Game Pass this week.

On September 30, the Action RPG Adventure releases on Xbox Game Pass for PC, console, and cloud. It will be the “complete” Marvel Avengers experience, which means that you will not only get the base game, but also all the post-launch content that has been released for it so far.

Nowadays, Marvel Avengers added three new playable characters: Kate Bishop, Clint Barton and Black Panther. Each came with their own full-fledged storyline, with new areas to explore and villains to fight.

Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t received the warmest reception, but it’s still a fun game, despite its shortcomings. I mean, who doesn’t want to smash faces as Earth’s Mightiest? Plus, the DLC was pretty darn good. If you are looking for a nice game to play with friends, Marvel’s Avengers is definitely a good option, especially now that it will be free on Xbox Game Pass.

The game will be available on all Xbox platforms, but those playing on Xbox Series X | S will get an optimized version with faster load times, higher frame rate, and an overall smoother gaming experience.

Marvel’s Avengers is wrapping up its one-year celebration, but you’ll still have time to enjoy the Quad XP event which runs from September 30 to October 4. During this event the in-game missions will reward you with quadruple experience, the level grind – which is one of the most scrutinized aspects of the game – won’t be as maddening.

Marvel’s Avengers launches for Xbox Game Pass on September 30. Its arrival will cap off two crazy weeks of new titles that have arrived on Xbox Game Pass, including Lemnis Gate, Subnautica: Below Zero, Astria Ascending and more.

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