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Malaysians are angry that Rapid KL’s My30 Unlimited Travel Pass will be replaced by My50

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has been and still is a difficult time for many. A large number of Malaysians have lost income, livelihood and more.

In order to alleviate the economic difficulties and the impact of the virus, Rapid KL has introduced the My30 Travel Pass back in June 2020 which was initially available until December 2020 before being extended until December 2021.

This is about to change as from next year Rapid KL will replace the travel pass with the My50 pass.

Wee Ka Siong My50

Many Malaysians were unhappy with the decision

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong explained that a monthly pass would normally be valued at RM200.

“When we offer a subsidized unlimited pass, that would mean RM50 would be paid by the people and RM150 paid for by the government,” he said.

However, the Malaysians were still unhappy with the increase. Users pointed out that RM50 is a lot for students who may be the larger group of people who use the public transport service daily.


One user commented, “Not good for students. There are many students taking the MRT. They don’t have much money to be able to spend RM50 per month.”

“If you reduce the price, even more people will take the MRT.”

“For those who work, it can be fine. But not for students“said another user.


Others expressed disappointment with the increase, given the recent flash floods and how the economic status of rakyat at not yet fully recovered.React3 React4 1

But some think it’s still affordable

Before the pandemic, the unlimited transport ticket amounted to RM50 for bus lines only and RM100 for all lines and services.

Some users commented that RM50 is still quite affordable and that they understand the reason for the increase.


“Okay, RM50 might not really be worth it BUT, RM30 was never meant to be permanent“said one user.

“I got it when it started last year during MCO and it was only supposed to last a few months but they kept expanding and expanding. Now it’s been over a year already. year, so I’m not surprised they finished it.”

Another user commented that, “Before My30 it was My100 though… so in my opinion, My50 is quite generous.

Screenshot 369

“Everyone knows My30 was temporary and only due to the pandemic. Before that it was My100,” said one user.

“Since the pass is unlimited travel, it is worth it for anyone who uses public transport every day. If you don’t use public transport, don’t make noise like that.


Do you agree with the increase? Let us know in the comments.

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