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Legendary Edition is now available online on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This is an updated collection of all three Mass Effect games from the original trilogy. Although Mass Effect was introduced to a new audience for the first time, older Mass Effect fans were able to revisit the trilogy for a unique and enhanced experience. However, with further evidence that the trilogy could be heading to the Xbox Game Pass, EA seems to want to bring Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to more players.
A modified listing of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition found in the Microsoft Store is getting a lot of attention online. The list looks like a typical Mass Effect: PC platform legend in every way but one detail. The list was also codenamed “Rosebud”. Rosebud is a code name used in the past to refer to Xbox Game Pass games offered on the platform through a partnership between Microsoft and Electronic Arts. In short, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition can appear on Xbox Game Pass through the EA Play service. EA is making Mass Effect: Legendary Edition available through EA Play. It will be playable by Xbox Game Pass subscribers. This seems to be what the “Rosebud” list from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition refers to. This isn’t the first time the “Rosebud” listing has been leaked in the Microsoft Store, suggesting that future EA Play games will be added to the service. In fact, the very first leaks from EA Play associated with EA games that make Xbox Game Pass on PC revolve around Microsoft Store’s 75 game listings, each codenamed “Rosebud”. I did.
This isn’t the first evidence that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has been introduced on Xbox Game Pass, either. In November, the current official listing for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition featured the “GAME PASS” logo on the front of the Xbox store. The photo changed immediately and there was no official comment on the leak.
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is permanently added to your Xbox Game Pass game library. Also, since it’s neither Cyberpunk 2077 nor Halo Infinite, Mass Effect remains a very popular franchise. Also, since BioWare will likely talk more about the future of Mass Effect after 2022, making Mass Effect: Legendary Edition available through the Xbox Game Pass service is very convenient and informative. Xbox enthusiasts may learn more about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition coming to Xbox Game Pass in December, but expectations should be low for now. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Legendary Edition is now available online on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
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