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Is the Forgotten City coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Is acclaimed mystery RPG The Forgotten City coming to Xbox Game Pass?

The Forgotten City started life as a Skyrim mod, initially released in 2016. Since then, the game received a full version in July 2021, making its way to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC. A cloud version has also been released for the Nintendo Switch.

The game has been updated and expanded since its debut in 2016, moving from the setting of Dwemer ruins to that of ancient Rome. The game’s script and overall story have also received updates, fleshing it out into a much stronger narrative. Players will find themselves caught in a time loop in the middle of a doomed Roman city, as they struggle to figure out what is going on.

So, is this adventure RPG coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Good news. for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The Forgotten City will make its way to service on October 28. Announced as part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebrations, a number of games will be making their way to Xbox Game Pass.

The Forgotten City will join Alan Wake’s Age of Empires IV and American Nightmare, all set to go into service on October 28. So, with days to go, Xbox fans won’t have long to wait before they can get drawn into this interesting and acclaimed RPG.

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