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IATA to roll out Travel Pass app in coming weeks

IATA plans to roll out its Travel Pass to the general public in the coming weeks. The announcement comes from the organization’s chief executive, Willie Walsh. IATA has been testing the Travel Pass app since the start of the year, which allows travelers to check their vaccination and test status in advance.

After more than six months of real-world testing with airlines around the world, IATA is getting closer to the large-scale deployment of its Travel Pass. Photo: Getty Images


According to Reuters, the top boss of IATA has confirmed the timing of the rollout of his highly anticipated Travel Pass app. Although no firm date has been given, Walsh said,

“The feedback has been very positive. We plan to exit test mode in the coming weeks. “

This could mean that we could see IATA’s latest initiative open to the general public by the end of the month, or maybe early July. Currently, the app is only available to a small number of travelers as part of testing by airlines around the world.

ATA Travel Pass
IATA touted its Travel Pass as a reliable way to reopen international borders by verifying entry requirements. Photo: IATA

Currently, passengers eligible to use the app must enter a six-digit code issued by the airline to access it. However, once the app is rolled out to the general public, passengers around the world can upload their flight details, documents and other details to the Travel Pass for faster customs clearance at airports. This will allow travelers to create their “health passports” or “vaccine passports” for future trips.

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Big advantages

The IATA Travel Pass provides passengers, airlines and countries with several details essential to safe international travel. The app will inform travelers of the current health requirements of their destination, including testing, vaccination and quarantines. After that, users can download and verify their health documents, such as test results and vaccination certificates. Laboratories can also send authenticated reports directly to the application.

Once downloaded and verified, passengers can simply use the Travel Pass app to prove their travel eligibility with airlines and border authorities. This would alleviate many of the problems that currently plague travelers and immigration authorities and make travel easier.

Airlines started testing the app in January and have been joining the program for 38 years. Photo: IATA

Since the Travel Pass initiative was first opened for testing, 38 airlines from around the world have signed up. Tests have ranged from airlines using it on a handful of routes to rolling it out for all arriving passengers. Additionally, it will help prevent vaccine test and certificate fraud, a growing concern among many officials.

Not the only one

As IATA prepares for the public rollout of its version of the “health passport”, it is not the only one at stake. Applications like VeriFLY, Common Pass and several others have deployed their own iterations. All services have the same goal: efficient and reliable document processing.

However, given IATA’s position in the aviation community, it could quickly become the world leader in digital passports. For now, get ready to start uploading your documents for your next international trip!

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