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How to download the IATA Travel Pass app

Travel Pass is part of a new range of apps to help countries, airlines and passengers resume international travel safely in the post-pandemic era.

Available for download on the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms, the Travel Pass smartphone app can securely store and present proof of Covid-19 vaccination and Covid test results prior to departure – either or the other or in some cases both should be required by many airlines and countries in the near future.

Applications such as Travel Pass will increasingly become part of international travel.

Qantas will use the Travel Pass before the scheduled restart of overseas flights, and the airline will also make vaccination mandatory for international passengers.

Presentation of the Travel Pass application

Developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – an industry body that represents nearly 300 airlines worldwide – the Travel Pass allows passengers to create a “digital health wallet” linked to their passport.

Travel Pass creates a Covid-tailored digital health passport to match your physical passport.

Travel Pass creates a Covid-friendly digital health passport to match your physical passport.

The app allows passengers to find accurate travel information, tests and vaccines required for their trip. For example, what are the requirements for visiting the UK, Canada or Singapore? Everyone is likely to be very different.

It also contains a directory of approved testing centers and laboratories in their city of departure that meet the testing standards and vaccination requirements of that destination.

Travel Pass shows approved test centers near your location.

Travel Pass shows approved testing centers near your location.

These labs and test centers can securely send test results or vaccination certificates to the passenger app – without being stored in a central database – to be added to their digital health portfolio and presented to staff. airline and immigration officials to show they are authorized to travel.

Behind the scenes of the <a class=IATA Travel Pass.”/>

Behind the scenes of the IATA Travel Pass.

IATA maintains that its app “has been developed with the highest levels of privacy and data security, so that passengers always remain in control of their Covid-19 health information.”

“IATA Travel Pass offers an advantage over other solutions in that the app allows travelers to create a digital ID derived from a government-issued document, such as a passport. This means that airlines and governments can have complete confidence in test / vaccine results both in terms of content and identity. “

How to download the Travel Pass app

The Travel Pass app is available as a free download for iPhones and Android phones.

However, there is a catch: The Travel Pass can currently only be activated by entering a six-digit ‘invite code’ provided by any airline that uses the app.

Travel Pass invitation codes

If you are really Eager to put the Travel Pass to the test, note that Etihad Airways has openly posted the airline’s Travel Pass codes on its website as follows:

  • Travel Pass invitation code for Apple iPhones: 123412
  • Travel Pass invitation code for Google Android phones: 787350

That said, there is no guarantee that at this early stage the travel app will work as IATA sees it: we expect the first acid test of the Travel Pass in a real scenario to take place. when Qantas and Jetstar deploy it before international flights return later this year.

(However, a Qantas spokesperson said Executive traveler that the airline is also looking to integrate Travel Pass functionality into its own smartphone app so that passengers ultimately only need one app.)

How to use the Travel Pass app

According to IATA, travelers with a code provided by their airline can create a secure “digital health passport” created using a series of selfies with the smartphone camera – this health passport digital is then linked to your real physical passport.

It's time for a selfie with Travel Pass.

It’s time for a selfie with Travel Pass.

The Travel Pass app then allows you to enter your flight details, or just select the country you’re heading to, and see what’s needed to fly there – if a Covid-19 test is needed within. 72 hours after your departure, for example, you may browse a list of approved locations that can perform this test.

After showing the Travel Pass app when you report to the test center, the results will be sent directly to your app and you will receive an “OK to fly” notification confirming that your test results have met all requirements.

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