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How the Qatar Airways IATA Travel Pass trial is progressing

This summer, Qatar Airways became the first carrier to successfully verify vaccination status with the IATA Travel Pass. The Doha-based airline was also the first airline in the Middle East to launch the pass, doing so on its route to Istanbul on March 11. In the midst of this progress, Simple Flying met with Mr. Rossen Dimitrov, Director of Customer Experience at Qatar Airways, about the growth of the initiative.

Qatar Airways is satisfied with the results achieved so far. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple theft

Qatar Airways management expresses that the Travel Pass is one of the best solutions for traveling in the future. The airline first started testing it to load the PCR test information and related details. Then, last month, the carrier extended the program to integrate vaccination certificates into the “Digital Passport” mobile application.

In total, passengers can now download their certificates to their mobile devices safely and securely. The test takes place in several phases, with flight attendants from London, Kuwait, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Sydney initially testing it.

Qatar Airways masks
Qatar Airways has been keen to be on top of new health measures since the rise of the global health crisis. Photo: Qatar Airways

A positive response

Dimitrov shares that these tests have worked well, prompting Qatar Airways to take the next step. He points out that the virus is not going anywhere. So, with all the new sanitary measures in place, there needs to be a seamless approach to helping passengers travel smoothly.

“We were very satisfied with the trial, and it was very well accepted. Not only by our customers during the PCR test phase but also with the authorities while we were testing the vaccination certificate. It went very well, and I think it is the step in the right approach. COVID is here to stay. It’s going to be part of our life, and it’s the new normal ”, Dimitrov told Simple Flying.

“We just need to make sure that we provide these transparent opportunities for our clients to continue to travel the world safely, and to be able to minimize paperwork and minimize headaches for people these days by getting PCR tests, certificates, etc. , on a global application that will make things much, much easier.

IATA Travel Pass
With the deployment of several different health passes, there must be integration to ensure that passengers can connect to different regions in a safe and efficient manner. Photo: IATA

Collaboration is the key

Dimitrov points out that those who are behind the pass are in communication with governments around the world where they will be able to combine all the different certificates. He believes that Travel Pass will be able to harmonize all the information to have a single control.

Qatar Airways concludes that the app is excellent as it is under the control of passengers. Customers decide what to share, who they want to share it with, and how they share it. Overall, the program will help streamline the customer journey amid the plethora of new global travel demands.

In total, more and more passengers are returning to the skies as borders slowly open up in several key markets. To keep travel open, airlines and the industry at large must show that health requirements can be easily met. Thus, the IATA transport ticket will play a crucial role in this next chapter.

What do you think of the IATA Travel Pass? Have you ever had the chance to try it? Let us know what you think of the app and its outlook in the comments section.

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