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How does the IATA Travel Pass work?

As the aviation industry reboots after more than a year of declining passenger numbers, the IATA Travel Pass becomes a pivotal initiative in this next chapter. Airlines around the world have introduced the mobile app to help travelers store and manage their information during the pandemic, but how does the tool actually work?

Airlines across continents, such as Qatar Airways, have praised the IATA Travel Pass because of its ease of use and positive reviews from passengers. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple theft

A new climate

Governments around the world have put in place a series of strict travel restrictions since the global health crisis escalated last year. Conditions have grounded fleets and forced millions to stay where they are, effectively preventing them from seeing loved ones or traveling for work for months.

These restrictions have slowly eased. However, several requirements are still in place to ensure that passengers move safely in the current situation. With the opening of borders, the spread of the virus must be controlled. Therefore, requirements such as tests and vaccinations must be met in order to be able to fly.

Follow the requirements

To facilitate the recording of this information, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has introduced its Travel Pass. Airlines initially started testing the app to load COVID test details and related information. However, trials have started to expand use to include vaccination records. After successful testing, governments have gained the confidence to accept the use of the app for all of their passengers.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that recently announced that people arriving or departing from the country may soon use the pass to confirm test results before departure. Photo: Getty Images

Notably, recently IATA announced that it has integrated acceptance of digital vaccine certifications issued by the European Union and the United Kingdom into the application. As a result, it is now easier for travelers to prove their vaccination status when traveling by air.

Overall, the platform is an efficient way to prove test results and immunization status than paper-based processes. The authorities can verify the authenticity of the documentation and the identity of the people with the pass. Ultimately, travelers benefit from centralizing post-COVID travel information in one place.

IATA Travel Pass
In an age when airlines and airports want to reduce unnecessary touchpoints, the IATA Travel Pass also helps reduce paper discounts. Photo: IATA

Basic functionalities

The IATA Travel Pass consists of four main modules:

Health requirements register

This segment allows travelers to find information about travel, tests and vaccines.

Register of screening and vaccination centers

Here, passengers can locate centers and laboratories at their departure and / or arrival locations.

Laboratory application

This feature allows testing centers or authorized laboratories to securely send vaccination certificates or test results to travelers.

Travel Pass application

The app gives passengers the ability to:

  • Create a “digital passport”.
  • Check their vaccination and / or test.
  • Share their vaccination or test results through integration into passenger management systems.

It is important to note that Travel Pass does not store any data centrally. It only links entities requiring verification to test or vaccination data when passengers allow it. In total, the airline customer must give the green light to check. If the traveler chooses to do so, the data is sent from their mobile device directly to an airline or the government.

Presentation of the IATA Travel Pass
The IATA Travel Pass app keeps all relevant entities connected with regards to health requirements during the passenger’s journey. Photo: IATA

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The right support

To enrich the digital health pass, IATA is working in close collaboration with Collins Aerospace, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies. The company is using its large presence in the aviation industry to help streamline integration with Travel Pass.

As a leader in high integrity solutions, Collins Aerospace emphasizes that by using connections from a carrier’s host systems to seamlessly send passenger route data to the Travel Pass app. Using the company’s TransAction service, this process compares routes to destination conditions and coronavirus health outcomes to determine if a passenger is “OK to travel.” Importantly, the same connections can then be used to update the operator’s host system with this status.

With this managed service, ongoing support and maintenance of integrations is covered by Collins Aerospace. Thus, the login process can continue to be used as the challenges of the aviation industry continue to evolve.

IATA notes that Collins’ tool helps operators catalyze adoption of the app through the ease of integration. Ultimately, as the world continues to be impacted by the pandemic, further support from Collins will go a long way.

“More than half of the world’s borders have some sort of travel restriction in place, but we see the rollout of vaccination and testing measures as positive steps towards restoring international air travel,” he said. added. shares Jennifer Schopfer, president of Connected Aviation Solutions. “With the use of Collins Aerospace technology, Travel Pass will enable a secure flow of information to ensure passengers are aware of the health requirements for their trip and for airlines to confirm that these requirements have been met. “

IATA Travel Pass Collins Aerospace
Collins Aerospace helps the program integrate with airline systems. Photo: Collins Aerospace

Look ahead

Over 60 carriers have signed up to use the IATA Travel Pass. More people are returning to the air as borders slowly open in many key regions. For air transport to continue in the right direction, carriers and the wider market must show that the new government conditions can be managed effectively. Thus, the Travel Pass will occupy a vital position in the next step and beyond.

Airlines and passengers alike would dread another dark age of travel, as we have seen over the past one and a half years. Overall, initiatives such as the IATA Travel Pass will prove invaluable in the mission of continuing to operate safe and efficient.

What do you think of the IATA Travel Pass? Have you had the opportunity to try the app on the go? Let us know what you think of the initiative in the comments section.

This article was sponsored by Collins Aerospace.

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