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Holidays in Spain: Nation to test EU Covid travel pass system from June | Travel News | To travel

Spain is currently welcoming arrivals from the UK without any testing or vaccination requirements, despite remaining on the UK’s Amber List for travel. However, from June 7, the country is expected to participate in a pilot program testing the operation of the European Union (EU) ‘digital green pass’.

“This test will be decisive to launch this certificate before the summer,” he said.

As part of the digital green pass, vaccinated and unvaccinated holidaymakers will still be able to travel.

It was previously revealed that the pass would contain information on whether or not a traveler had received one or two of their vaccines.

It will also show the history of testing, as well as whether a person has ever contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

“Whether this is possible or not, it is not only due to the level of infection on these islands, it is also due to their ability to sequence the genomes that we know, the variants or potential variants of concern on these islands as well. . “

Mr Shapps added: “Not to disappoint you, but the next review is the first week of June, so not very far, and I’m afraid we will have to wait until then.”

Spain’s current position on the amber list means returning holidaymakers are required to take three separate COVID-19 tests and self-quarantine for 10 days in the UK.

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot.

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