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Global Covid-19 Travel Pass app to launch in March

(CNN) – A new app to help travelers store and manage their certifications for Covid-19 tests and vaccines is expected to launch next month.

The IATA Travel Pass is developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the global trade association of which 290 airlines are members.

IATA hopes the free mobile app will be the key to reopening borders and making the world fly again – without the need for quarantine.

Promoting itself as “a comprehensive and standardized solution to validate and authenticate all national regulations regarding the travel requirements of Covid-19 passengers”, the Travel Pass app works in four ways.

First, there is a global registry of health requirements, so passengers can check what they need to get into the destinations they hope to visit.

After that, travelers can consult the global register of testing and vaccination centers so that they can make an appointment before their departure.

Authorized laboratories and test centers can then securely share test and vaccination certificates with passengers through the app.

And finally, travelers can manage their digital identity for contactless travel: create a digital version of their passport on their phone, receive and share Covid-19 tests or vaccination certificates, and also manage other travel documents. .

IATA says on its website: “To reopen borders without quarantine, governments must be sure they are mitigating

the risk of importing Covid-19. Testing or proof of the vaccine is the solution. ”

“Whatever the governments’ plans, we will be ready to help them with the IATA Travel Pass,” Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of IATA, recently said on his blog.

This new digital platform is a modernization of the existing system of paper tests and vaccine certificates. At the moment, it only deals with Covid-19 certification, but it has the potential to be expanded in the future as needed.

“Governments decide on travel requirements; airlines and passengers must comply, ”IATA says on its website, noting that the airline body itself does not require passengers to have a Covid-19 vaccine in order to travel.

The IATA Travel Pass will be free for passengers to download and use, and the launch of iOS and Android is slated for late March.

Singapore Airlines will at this stage be the partner in the deployment of the first full pilot, which will be followed by a pilot with the International Airlines Group (IAG) and tests with some twenty airlines, including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad. Airways, Copa Airlines and RwandAir.

The IATA Travel Pass is not the only solution in development. There are several travel passes ready to enter the market.

CommonPass, designed in the cloud by the Commons Project Foundation, is already in limited use by airlines, while computer giant IBM has a global team working on its “Digital Health Pass” for nine months.

The IATA Travel Pass is built using four open source interoperable modules that can be used together as a complete solution or in combination with solutions created by other vendors. According to IATA, “We want it to be as flexible as possible.”

Nina dos Santos, Antonia Mortensen and Susanne Gargiulo contributed to this report.

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