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Game Pass rains on our parade by removing four games

Today, four games are unceremoniously launching on the Game Pass service. These are, in no particular order, Rain on Your Parade (Cloud, Console, and PC), MLB The Show 21 (Cloud, and Console), The Long Dark (Cloud, Console, and PC), and Pathway (PC).

It may not seem like the headliner of this batch, but The rain on your parade is the one we will miss the most. This wonderful little game has you playing like a rain cloud as it completes objectives and sub-objectives in fun arenas. It’s not just about putting out fires or making things wet: the rain cloud can absorb acid to produce acid rain, fire to become a cloud of smoke, and electricity to become a thunderstorm. Just when you think Unbound Creations, the developers behind the game, have run out of ideas, they come back with a basket full of more.

We loved it in our review. We gave it 4.5/5, saying “this is an absolutely delightful, albeit short, adventure through the life and times of a cloud of heroes, and Unbound Creations should be applauded for giving us the chance to ruin other people’s day – all this thanks to the power of the cloud.

MLB The Show 21 was overtaken by MLB The Show 22, so there’s a more up-to-date alternative on Game Pass. But still, if you’ve gone through the game’s career mode, it might be a miss.

The long darkness It’s been around for donkey years, emerging on Game Preview in 2017. Well, it’s also leaving Game Pass today, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your scavenging and hunting needs. We had good things to say about this one, albeit in a preview rather than a review: “It’s a game I’ll continue to play long after, and I can’t wait for more content.” Now excuse me because I need to purify some water, fix my shoes and cook a rabbit.

The one we know the least about is Pathway, since it was only released on PC and Game Pass PC. It’s a turn-based squad battle game, set in a kind of 1930s alternation full of the occult and the undead. It’s sitting on “Very Positive” on Steamso it may be one to start asking about the Xbox.

All that’s left to say is that F1 2019 leaves April 18. It’s 20% off for Game Pass subscribers until the day it leaves, so maybe now is the time to pick it up. Go get it on Xbox Store.

We expect an influx of Xbox games in the second half of April but – so far – there have been no announcements from Major Nelson, Phil Spencer et al. We’ll tell you more when we have it.

For now, let us know if any of these departures caught you off guard by posting in the comments or on our social media. Farewell!

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