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Fallout 76 has new PTS update and Xbox Game Pass perk

“The night of the moth”

For another month or so, Bethesda lets people try the new Publication date PTS update for 76. Entitled “Night of the Moth,” the update is slated to go live in December and will add several quality of life features as well as the Mothman Equinox event.

The Mothman Equinox is based on the legend of the same name and charges players with various “hourly on top of the hour” quests. For many people, seasonal events are a banter. Real Meat is the foundation that the update lays more for the game, including area looting and the ability to share Legendary loot – plus the game can spotlight enemies you don’t yet have. looted. It’s something people have wanted for quite some time, given how loot is such a big part of this game’s longevity.

Oh, and the Publication date The PTS update isn’t the only thing happening in Publication date 76. Microsoft currently operates an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate “survival bundle,” which distributes trinkets that have a direct impact on gameplay. Remember when it wasn’t about microtransactions or a subscription? Ouch, that was the time.

You can find the contents of the Fallout 76 survival bundle below, and you can redeem it here, or on your console, with Game Pass:

  • Lunch boxes (x6)
  • Repair kits (x6)
  • Bubblegum (x6)
  • Transport weight booster (x6)
  • Scrap Kits (x6)
  • Paint for Crusader gun in red steel
  • Brotherhood of Steel Wallpaper
  • Backpack Mr. Fuzzy

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