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Explanation: What is the IATA Travel Pass and why is it needed?

After IndiGo, low-cost airline SpiceJet will also begin testing of the IATA travel pass starting next week. This means that starting August 23, passengers on SpiceJet Bombay-Male flights will be able to use the IATA travel pass to show their immunization status.

What is the IATA Travel Pass?

The travel pass will be a mobile application that will help passengers manage their trip in accordance with government requirements for Covid-19 testing or vaccines. The IATA Travel Pass will also allow laboratories and authorized testing centers to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers.

What is the need for such a service?

As international travel resumes in the aftermath of Covid-19, several jurisdictions insist on vaccination certificates, Covid19 RT-PCR tests and other health documents.

Digital passports like the IATA Travel Pass were developed to provide governments with the means to verify the authenticity of tests or vaccinations, airlines with the ability to provide accurate information to their passengers on testing requirements. and verify that a passenger meets travel requirements and provide travelers with accurate information about testing requirements, where they can get tested, and ways to securely pass their travel health credentials to airlines airlines and border authorities.

What other airlines have been included in the IATA Travel Pass program?

Besides IndiGo and SpiceJet, global airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss Air, Thai Air and several others have joined the IATA Travel Pass initiative.

Various pathology labs have also joined the IATA travel pass network to provide testing sites near international airports and major tourist destinations. In India, Apollo hospitals have joined the network and on Thursday SpiceJet announced that its SpiceHealth healthcare unit has also been integrated into the IATA program.

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