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Everything we know about the Halo Infinite Xbox Game Pass Day-One release

By September 27, 2021September 29th, 2021Game pass

Xbox has invested heavily in Xbox Game Pass since the subscription service launched in 2017. The company’s commitment to the service has included monthly additions, day one launches of some of the larger releases, and the promise that all future proprietary Xbox titles will launch on the service for both Xbox and PC. So far this has included titles like Ori and the will of the wisps and Psychonauts 2, with titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Infinite halo coming soon to Xbox Game Pass.

Infinite halo in particular received a lot of attention and hype ahead of its release, with fans thrilled to return to one of the most influential console series. Infinite halo has promised to deliver a sprawling new single-player campaign, a new take on the iconic Halo multiplayer and a host of new innovations only possible on the most recent game hardware. Lucky fans got early access to Infinite halotest flights and were able to experience the new multiplayer, which only added to the excitement for Infinite halothe Liberation. Fortunately, fans with an Xbox Game Pass membership will get everything the game has to offer included with their membership.

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Halo Infinite single player campaign


Infinite halo will continue the story of Master Chief and see him return to one of the Haloiconic holder rings. Fans have seen very little of the campaign since the game’s reveal, but the developers at 343 Industries have been very willing to share details here and there ahead of the game’s release. So far, it has been revealed that the ring of the game will feature a more open design that will allow players to traverse it with a variety of ways to get to mission objectives and explore. This includes many vehicles that series veterans have come to expect, while Infinite halo will also introduce new vehicles.

As for Infinite halothe actual story of, players got only a few clues as to what to expect. Infinite haloThe Gamescom trailer appears to confirm that Master Chief will be without Cortana again, and might even still try to track her down or arrest her after the events of Halo 5. Fans also know that Master Chief will face off against a new Brute clan known as the Banished, led by a new character named Escharum. This has left some dedicated Halo lore masters wondering what happened to Halo wars‘Atriox, but I hope, Infinite halo will answer this and other questions when it is released.

Halo Infinite multiplayer

Halo Infinite gameplay shootout

Until there, Infinite haloThe pre-release marketing and press mainly focused on its multiplayer mode. This makes sense, because this is where most of the playing time of any Halo the title is spent, and Infinite halo seems to be going big to help spearhead the triple threat for Xbox Game Pass this fall. A big part of this is that the multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite will actually be free-to-play, a first for the series.

Not only will it help even non-subscribers to experience the game and possibly purchase the game or an Xbox Game Pass membership to experience the campaign. The game will probably help too Infinite halo stay competitive in a genre that has become dominated by free titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite. However, the developers said that Infinite halo won’t chase game modes like a battle royale, and instead focus on the core Halo game modes at the moment.

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The free-to-play nature of multiplayer has also led it to come up with alternative monetization methods in the form of seasonal battle passes. Battle Passes have become extremely popular in recent years as a way for live service games to continually increase revenue, while also providing new themed events and cosmetic content for players to earn. Infinite halo, however, takes a somewhat unique approach in a way that many industry players have come out largely in favor of.

This is due to the fact Infinite haloBattle Passes from, will not only be able to be purchased after the season ends, but can also be upgraded to unlock its content once the season is over. This has been praised industry-wide for avoiding the FOMO elements that many gamers experience with battle passes, and has led to gaming communities like Apex Legends calling for a similar change to their games.

Halo Infinite released

spartan infinite halo full

Infinite halo releases December 8, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. The game will be available for purchase for the standard price of $ 60 or will be available on all platforms on day one through Xbox Game Pass. Infinite haloMultiplayer will be completely free to play, but there are a few notable features that Infinite halo will be missing when released.

The most important of these is the delayed campaign cooperative. In the beginning Infinite halo, 343 Industries has expressed its commitment to in-game cooperation as well as the local split screen. However, it was announced that while the feature is due out in a few months of Infinite halo, it will not be available immediately.

Another big omission that will be present at launch is the iconic Halo forging mode. Forge Mode allows players to create custom maps and game modes using Halothe core assets of and has become a very large part of the franchise over the years. The announcement led to the competing multiplayer shooter Splitgate confirming his own Forge mode that would arrive before Infinite halo‘s, but the team at 343 Industries has yet to provide details on what Forge Mode will look like when it finally arrives.

A smaller feature that will be missing at launch is Multiplayer Assassinations, which are flashy kills that players perform by mingling enemies from behind. The delay was a disappointment to fans as the assassinations have been an exciting staple in Halo multiplayer for a while now, but they’re little more than cosmetic. With a bit of luck, Infinite haloThe missing features of won’t keep fans waiting long after its launch this holiday season.

Infinite halo releases December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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