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Every Pac-Man game you can play with Xbox Game Pass

One of the most anticipated Xbox Game Pass May releases was finally dropped a few days ago, and while it has some issues, Pac-Man+ Museum well worth a download. Currently, the game suffers from a few technical issues on Xbox consoles, namely quite a significant input lag. Behind these numbers hides a complete collection of 14 Pac man titles, ranging from some of the earliest arcade games to modern remasters and reimaginings.

For those who want to try their first Pac man game, those looking to learn a bit more about the history of the industry as a whole, or those who have been avid fans of the yellow ghost-biter for years, Pac-Man+ Museum is definitely a game to discover. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, there’s no downside to picking it up. With 14 games to try, some of which change the Pac man formula a little, there is necessarily something for everyone.


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Classic games from the Pac-Man Museum+

Of the 14 Pac man games included in this collection, at least eight of them could be considered classic video game titles. The first is, of course, the very first Pac man arcade game. Released in 1980, pretty much everyone gave the original Pac man play at least once and must know what they will do: try to eat all the pellets, eat fruits, eat ghosts and repeat.

The next step is 1982 super pacmanwhich was Namco’s attempt to Pac man after. The gameplay is quite similar to the original game, but players will need to collect keys in order to get to rooms where fruit is stored. The 1983 sequel to super pacman, Pac & Pal is also included in Pac-Man+ Museum. This game is extremely similar to its predecessor but features the titular buddy, a green AI-controlled creature named Mil who fetches fruit for the player.

For those looking for a completely different Pac man Game, Pac Land maybe just for them. Released in 1984, Pac Land take the yellow mascot and bring it into the realm of 2D side-scrollers. It’s obviously a bit stripped down by today’s standards, but Pac Land is just quirky and different enough to keep it entertaining and has dynamic art to boot.

Going back to the roots of the series while changing things up a bit, 1987 Pac Mania is also one of Pac-Man+ Museumat 14. Pac Mania takes the classic maze-hunting gameplay of the original titles and gives it an isometric twist. Pac-Man is also able to jump over ghosts in this one, which makes the gameplay stand out a bit more than some of its predecessors.

Jump back a few years and jump to the console side of the collection, 1993 Pac Attack for the SNES is also here, which is basically just a Pac-Man theme Tetris clone. The 1995 SNES version Pac-In-Time is also included in this collection, being another side-scrolling platformer. The last classic Pac man the game in the collection dates from 1996 Pac-Man arrangementwhich is essentially a remake of the original arcade classic, but with updated sound and visuals.

The modern games of the Pac-Man Museum+

In addition to some of the best vintages Pac man offerings, Pac-Man+ Museum also includes some of the franchise’s best modern offerings. The first of these is the 2005 PSP version of Pac-Man arrangement, which is actually a completely different game from the 1996 arcade title of the same name. This version of Pac-Man arrangement features boss battles and a variety of power-up items that change up the classic Pac man formula a bit.

The classic Xbox Live Arcade 2007 Pac-Man Championship Edition also appears here. Upon release, this game was praised for its vibrant and colorful backgrounds, which helped make the Pac man the formula is fresh again. 2007 Pac-Motos is also here, merging the Pac man and Motorcycles franchise together, like in 2007 Pac’n Roll Remixanother 2D side-scroller, this time from the Nintendo DS era.

The newest arcade game in the collection, 2011 Pacman Battle Royale places four players against each other. Each player competes to earn the most points, and if the correct power-up is found, players can eat each other. The final game included in Pac-Man+ Museum is the console version of 2015 Pacman 256which is a pretty unique endless runner.

Pac-Man+ Museum is available now on Xbox Game Pass, as well as PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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