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Every Batman: Arkham title on Game Pass

The Batman: Arkham series is incredibly popular, but only one of its games is available on Game Pass, and it’s the one that shouldn’t be alone there.

the Batman: Arkham contains some of the most beloved comic book-based video games ever made, but unfortunately they are not fully represented in the Xbox Game Pass library. There are four main games in the series – three from Rocksteady Studios and a prequel from WB Games Montreal – and only one can be found on Game Pass. upcoming rocksteady suicide squad is the Batman: Arkham followed, but many might still be interested in playing the famous Caped Crusader-centric games.

For those who are actively subscribed to Game Pass, Batman: Arkham Knight is available to play through the service as of this writing. Unfortunately, this appears to be the only game in the series that Microsoft currently offers through its popular subscription, along with its three predecessors – arkham asylum, Townand Origins – not found. Additionally, Arkham Knight appears to be only available through Game Pass for Xbox and is not included in Game Pass for PC.


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It is a comparatively good deal, since the purchase Arkham Knight from another digital storefront is an additional purchase, but it’s odd that the latest game in the series is the only one on Game Pass. arkham asylum seems like the obvious choice to draw people in, or at least the Christmas video game prequel to the series, Origins of Arkham. Rocksteady, or more likely the publisher, WB Games Interactive Entertainment, has to settle for current sales trends for the Batman: Arkham Collectionas it seems like the most likely candidate for a Game Pass release of games that are years old.

Game Pass ‘Batman: Arkham’ offers are disappointing

Xbox Game Pass is such an amazing service, allowing people to play so many games for a relatively low price, but it’s surprising to see so few games from the Batman: Arkham series available on it. Playing Xbox console exclusives from day one on Game Pass is probably the biggest benefit of being a subscriber, but the service is perfect for games like Arkham. Putting the latest entry in the series on Game Pass for Xbox only is a really odd move, as most people interested will probably want to start from scratch.

It is also unfortunate that this is the worst game in the Batman: Arkham series, though that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. Some sequels can be played independently of their predecessors, but Arkham Knight builds heavily on previous games. Add fiddly Batmobile segments and convoluted collectibles like the game’s Riddler trophies, and Arkham Knight is perhaps the last game in the series that should be offered only on Game Pass. Most of those who have been interested enough to buy the Batman: Arkham series have already done it, making Xbox Game Pass‘The singular title of the series seems a bit unnecessary.

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