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Everspace 2 Game Preview is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC, release date postponed to early 2023

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Everspace 2, the fast-paced, single-player shooter from ROCKFISH Games, is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 21, 2021. / Photo courtesy of ROCKFISH Games

Everspace 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC as a game preview on October 21, 2021 and will see its full release delayed in early 2023, Microsoft and ROCKFISH Games announced Tuesday.

After initially launching in Steam Early Access in January 2021, Everspace 2 (Game Preview) will be available this week for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers through the Microsoft Store.

Everspace 2 is a sequel to the original Everspace (2017), a 3D spaceship shooter with roguelike elements. The upcoming game will preserve much of the gameplay of its predecessor, but seeks to take the series from a linear independent roguelike to a handcrafted, semi-open AA action RPG.

While the title will remain in development for at least a full year, ROCKFISH Games has reportedly already released around 65% of the planned story content along with three other star systems, two additional player ship classes, travel activities fast, trade and endgame remaining. go.

“Following our successful partnership by launching the original Everspace as an ID @ Xbox title in Xbox Game Preview and bringing the game to Game Pass after full release,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games, “We’re excited to be working again with our friends at Microsoft to bring even more fast-paced space shooter action to Windows 10 and Xbox platforms with Everspace 2.

“The deal not only allows space pilots with Game Pass to jump into the cockpit early, but it also provides additional funding for our team to complete the story campaign as promised, truly pass the Endgame and continue to push back the limits on all platforms. “

As Everspace 2’s third major content update, Khaït Nebula, is set to officially release on November 3, with an experimental Steam release slated for October 22, ROCKFISH Games has decided to postpone the full simultaneous release. on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox and PlayStation until early 2023.

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s video game subscription service, has gained major momentum in recent years as more third-party publishers have launched their brand new titles on the platform.

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