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Eurail adds two countries to its unlimited world train pass – News

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Fri 17 January 2020

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For the first time in 61 years, the three Baltic countries will be accessible to travelers to visit with a single train pass, Planet alone reported.

In 2020, Estonia and Latvia were added to the list of countries to which non-Europeans can travel with the Eurail Global Pass.

Now made up of 33 countries, the list already includes destinations such as Rome, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Paris and London.

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The all-in-one, unlimited train ticket allows travelers to take all local trains, high-speed trains and night trains across Europe, operated by participating operators.

Holders of a Eurail Global Pass can now travel with the local operator of Latvia, Pasažieru vilciens, from its main hub in Riga, and the Estonian operator Elron from the capital Tallinn to other national destinations.

They will also benefit from a discount of up to 50% on ferry tickets from Riga to Stockholm and Germany, and from Tallinn to Stockholm and Helsinki.

Travelers can choose between two Global Pass options: The Continuous Pass and the Flexi Pass. The first allows unlimited travel over 15 days, while the second allows three, five or seven days of unlimited travel in a month.

While the Eurail Global Pass is only available to non-Europeans, European travelers can enjoy similar benefits with the Interrail Pass. (vel / kes)

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